banned from every Subway in the tri-state area for winking every time i order a "12-inch sub"


Hello I am a lawyer specializing in free speech issues (and bitcoin legal disputes) and I think you might have a case.

@matt @healyn Good lord, that must be at least 25,000 distinct Subways.

@futzle @matt it's not like I've been to all of them. Just that word gets around

@healyn @futzle theyve got a big picture of him behind the desk wearing an awful shirt with 'do not serve this man' in word art over the top


😲 I am sooo offended that Subway was so offended at such a non-offensive 'wink' and I'd say so except I might offend Subway and be banned too - so I won't say it. Wait a minute - I don't even go to Subway - if we don't watch our waists - no one else will and I would be offended.

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