watching preseason football and very uncomfortable with the amount of times the announcers have used the term "gaping hole"

@healyn one of the commentators on astros games is very fond of using the phrase "rips one" to describe a line drive
"bregman rips one to left field" etc and the astros get a lot of hits so there's a lot of "correa rips one", "atluve rips one" in a typical game

@healyn do they not know that phrase is wildly used to mean something else?

@taweret @healyn I saw a baseball game where Bartolo Colon was pitching, and they put up his stats with the title "the sweet scent of colon"

@robotcarsley @healyn this is so cursed i doubt any but the most powerful priests on the fediverse could undo your dark work

@sexybenfranklin @healyn hey, you got it to the 1-yard line, I just rushed it in

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