the best thing about belonging to a nebulous generation that doesn't even really have a title is i can blame all the world's problems on literally any other generation...boomers, gen-x, millenials, zoomers? you're all at fault! not me though


millennials? too much avocado toast. zoomers? too much gaming. boomers? too much getting the US into unnecessary wars and creating tax policy that creates unsustainable wealth inequality and destroying the world by refusing to address climate change. gen-x: Pearl Jam? seriously?

my generation? just doin our thing 😎

@SanfordianPhil lol this is exactly the kind of shit i'd expect a millennial to say smh

@healyn why don't you go elect a criminal to be impeached again... oh wait your generation did (I do not really believe you were born in the Great Depression)

@SanfordianPhil this is why Trump got elected...comments like this. that's the reason

@healyn true, this comment in annos domini 2019 made Hillary not campaign to create excitement in places where, surprise surprise, her husband's policies made turnout low

@healyn Healyn finally confirms his age after admitting he belongs to the self-described "greatest generation"

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