Trying to watch The Godfather, Pt II on Netflix and the subtitles are really throwing me off

i actually agree that italian jokes are just hacky at this point, but this one was pretty good

@healyn This is a pivotal scene in the movie and overall is what drives the character of Vito Coreleone; it totally defines his life. In this scene, a young Vito has just emigrated to America and is at Ellis Island where he witnesses the Statue of Liberty. In that moment, he realizes the true goal of his life: to eat that statue bite by bite.

@breakfastgolem lmao. he really looks like he wants to eat the statue

@breakfastgolem he killed Fanucci because Fanucci wanted to eat the torch. Vito was not giving that shit up

@healyn Fanucci never even tried. He ate a bit of one sandal and lied and told everyone he ate the whole foot. Fanucci got what he deserved.

@healyn What's really nuts is that kid is played by Robert DeNiro. He's just that good.

@breakfastgolem they did the CGI de-aging thing Scorsese did for The Irishman

@healyn It was almost too much. They almost deaged him back to his cum form.

@garfiald @healyn It only lasted 20 minutes because neither of us has seen any of the movies in their entirety and I feel asleep anyway.

@healyn hmm idk you sure this is your kind of movie?

@SeanAloysiusOBrien he did wear a funny hat sometimes, but this is one of the movies where he wasn't a big time asshole

@healyn the best part of the godfather part 2 is when the godfather looks at the screen and says "I'm the godfather now."

@enlightenedferalboy love the scene after Vito kills Fanucci and an elderly woman tells him, "you have the juice"

@healyn to me, the real godfather? Is the friends we made along the way.

@healyn the best godfather though? To me, it's the girl reading this.

@enlightenedferalboy when Tom Hagen says "Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately", i'm like, hope he sees this, king

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