"Please confirm your password by selecting every picture containing a car"

Hmm, this one, this one, i think that one's a part of a car?

"That's not a car you fucking asshole! That's a mailbox! You will never have access to your checking account ever again, jerkface!!!"

@healyn Fun fact, those things have no idea what's in the picture. They use them to train AI.

@sexybenfranklin @healyn why do they tell me I'm wrong? I have definitely missed something and they seem to notice. I get it is training but it seems to have some sense or maybe it just randomly says wrong to annoy us a little more.

@whiskeysailor @healyn Well, I definitely could be wrong. At least a few years ago, they basically couldn't tell right from wrong.

@sexybenfranklin @healyn I'm sure they are training I just wondering if it is just statistical adding (x people said it was so if I say no they mark it wrong but changes the aligo). I'm no expert obviously just hate those things.

@sexybenfranklin @healyn So I just did one and it let me do a ton of mistakes but catches me once or twice. I'm guessing they throw one they know in to fool us.

@healyn they say we are the ones training the bots but honestly the bots have long surpassed us

@healyn rene magritte throwing his laptop across the room

@healyn you rube, we said “car!” That’s a truck, you absolute loser shitbag

@healyn you ever think it should be illegal for Google to provide a service that is essentially ransomware since it locks you out of your bank account until you provide unpaid labor to them to train their proprietary technology

@healyn can you imagine how big the settlement on that would be to actually have to pay out all the person hours to fairly compensate everyone for that work, not to mention having to pay the businesses who paid their employees to train Google's bots, while in all of this literally no end user meaningfully consented to this arrangement

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