the 2010s have been a great decade for throwing "crypto" in front of a bunch of fucking words

judging by some of these responses, i guess what they say is true: "everyone's a cryptocritic!"

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@healyn also just random russian words that have English counterparts

@Laser @healyn using alts to out-number your interlocutors? this is what the soviet intelligence agencies used to call 'aktivnye meropriyatiya'

@healyn the question is what word will be sticking in front of other words in the 2020s

@healyn hey, crypto is a really good denjuu so why not

@ben looks like we got a cryptolinguist over here

@healyn it's a good time to be a security researcher or necromancer

@LuigiEsq ok, i think crypto is used correctly in this case

@sexybenfranklin @healyn why dont you take your cryptoass and take a cryptohike you cryptojagoff, this is none of your cryptobusiness

Does a cryptorobe make you invisible, or does it just hide the fact that you're wearing any robes?
@sexybenfranklin @healyn

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