i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

@healyn If you'd read the books, you'd know it's about a group of people who are less miserable than the rest, hence the "Les Miserables"
If anything, it should actually be "Less Miserable"
(I believe omitting the second "s" of "Less" is creative license which is explained elsewhere in the Victor Hugo Expanded Universe)

@gaeel well this is a huge fuck up on Hugo's part. i don't see why i should have to deal with his bullshit

@healyn Yeah, a lot of it isn't really well explained, VHEU fans have a bunch of theories, but between the comics, the cartoons, the films and the novels, it gets really confusing to know what's canon and what isn't

@evan this is a different angle, evan. i feel silly that i hadn't even considered this

or "fewr", since "les" is one letter less than "less" 🙂

@healyn Excuse me sir but express checkout is for people who have 14 Miserables or fewer

@healyn what I don’t get is why I’m reading about the less miserable. Why didn’t Hugo write about the most miserable?

@remulacfrommars Hugo lacked ambition, and many scholars believe that's why he's dead

@healyn owning him in a MFA workshop by writing a one-sentence critique: Victor, why don’t Hugo fuck off and write better?

@remulacfrommars damn, that guy has a family (maybe. haven't looked into it)

@healyn part of learning to write is dealing with haters being mean to your face. It’s the main draw of MFA programs

@remulacfrommars @healyn he didn’t want to be a downer, life already sucked for his readers so he wanted to make them feel better

@georgieboy @healyn uplifting is the word most people use when describing Fewer Miserables

@remulacfrommars @healyn that’s definitely what my grade 11 book report said about it


I know someone from France and she hates Paris, says it smells like piss all the time, safe to say everyone who lives in Paris is miserable

@healyn oh, I thought my screen name was "misery department" 🤦‍♀️ cuz that's what would have made my joke funny
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