i've been saying for years that slap bracelets are on the verge of a comeback, and it hasn't happened. i'm giving up on slap bracelets

@healyn i saw a slap watch in a planetarium gift shop last week, it could still happen

@healyn Dude. They have come back. You just don’t know enough 8yos, apparently. 😜

@healyn gotta know when to fold em..know when to hit the ol slappy trail


does this mean you're willing to offload your whole supply to me for a bargain

@healyn just put bluetooth in them and make an app. slappr

@healyn Like, but these designs are epic! Clearly I want to walk around wearing a bracelet covered in drooling poop emojis!

@healyn There was a guy hawking them on Dragons' Den (UK "Shark Tank") not so long ago.

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