@healyn @Laser ah yes, boat ramp fails. My favorite fail genre. Boat’s still dry, lol

@remulacfrommars @healyn @Laser
tony yayo in a speedboat with 50 cent, yelling "HIT THAT BIG-ASS RAMP"

@healyn the phrase “boat ramp fail” is an extremely funny phrase to me and I have no idea why

Saying it out loud is even funnier

@neoncoughh it is an amazing phrase. the most beautiful phrase in the english language

@neoncoughh @healyn
how did tolkien settle on 'celler door' when he could have had 'boat ramp fail'?

@breakfastgolem a lot of people don't know that this is literally what Jay-Z said to Kanye to get this reaction

@healyn @breakfastgolem they bonded over their shared love of fishing and boat ramp fails


@healyn (that’s short for: boat ramp fail)


@neoncoughh it's good to have that, because gonna be referencing it A LOT


🎶 you down with brf? yeah, you know me 🎶

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