putting a list together of stuff that i should have learned in high school, but if it had been taught, any one of my high school history teachers would have been fired the next day just for teaching it, even if they only used government documents as source material:

-assassination of Fred Hampton
-1921 Tulsa massacre
-MOVE bombing
-FBI letter to MLK telling him to kill himself

@ExperimentV I should have listed this one, but I thought I learned about it in HS. Maybe not though, don't hear a lot of people mention it, and it's fucking absurd

@JohnBrownJr @ExperimentV yea, they leave the whole syphilis thing out of that movie

@healyn These are absolutely atrocious. Especially when corporations profit off it like DOW and Johnson & Johnson.

@ExperimentV @healyn

You folks do not want to learn about how US companies are currently testing drugs.

In Africa.... To escape ethical standards....

@celesteh @ExperimentV i know! with the original post i was just trying to keep it to domestic atrocities aimed at black people

@healyn throw in some for lightheartedness and you can transition straight into the fucked up civil asset forfeiture thing

@ben Ben, the civil asset forfeiture stuff is so fucking infuriating

@CyclopsCaveman i didn't learn about this until a few years ago. it's shockingly terrible

@healyn This is an overview of the MLK letter as well as Fred Hampton but the fact that not a single history class I took in high school, or the gen-ed one I had to take in my freshman year of college covered the existence of COINTELPRO is beyond disgusting.

@healyn It's all confirmed too! It's not like it has to even be pieced together from leaks or second hand sources or anything. There were multiple senate hearings covering and revealing all this shit.

@radicalrobit yep, this isn't conspiracy theory shit. it's all documented

@healyn did the FBI actually send a letter to MLK saying he should kill himself, or is it some whack conspiracy theory? That seems wild to me, and if true why does everyone not know this wtf

@xair i agree that it's absurd that this isn't common knowledge, but past abuses get buried. that's how it works

Hi Healyn,

Its good that your are making this kind of list.

Are you familiar with Prof. Michael Parenti's work? Prepare to be mildly shocked, sadly this is only scraping the surface. The atrocity stories since WWII even to its own citizens highlight how psychopathic the billionaire class actually are.

We can give you more on how intl' finance has shaped a lot of this.

@healyn a different method of violence than what's been discussed so far, but I don't think I learned about redlining until after college:

@tessaracked there is no HS civics class in the world that covers this, I'm sure

@healyn I'm pretty sure I first learned about redlining in a masters-level social work class (which was an elective, of course). I guess it's hard to get teenagers engaged by talking about mortgages, but it's so important to understanding that segregation isn't just a Southern problem, school inequality, lots of important concepts

@tessaracked it's just not a sexy issue, and that's why it's so important. same goes for tax policy

@tessaracked @healyn I was fortunate to take a history course in my first year of college that was specifically focused on race in American history. It blew my fucking mind, especially the fact that school segregation had persisted through less overt methods. Weirdly, growing up in the rural South meant I went to a much more integrated school than most people in urban areas, because there was one primary, elementary, etc. school in a ten mile radius

@healyn any of the many coups our government has instigated. Not a single mention in school

@remulacfrommars there are people who say as you get older, you become more conservative. if you read pretty much anything, that's horse shit. you do become more cynical though imo

@healyn I agree. My politics have only drifted left, even as my belief in things changing has decreased

@healyn @remulacfrommars my pet theory is that it is a state of mind, if you read or do or meet people that makes you uncomfortable you either can grow or shut down

@firescotch absolutely! the MLK and Hampton examples are part of that though, right?


The 1836 "revolt" in Texas was the result of white settlers wanting to import slaves from the US and the Republic of Mexico saying NO.

@healyn schools today aren't even mentioning pizzagate smdh

@Laser in this day and age...can you even imagine? also smdh

@healyn actually I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some maga shithead Q guy shoehorning it into a HS class

@healyn how About the time the Puerto Rican young Lord's party took congress hostage and opened fire

@healyn eh don't feel too bad the story hAs been actively suppressed off the island because they don't want us getting ideas

@healyn I recommend the book war against all Puerto Ricans (which I need to finish) for more info on Puerto Rican resistance to empire


- Wilmington coup of 1898
- 1953 CIA coup in Iran
- 1964-1973 secret war in Laos

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