i've been on board with a lot of recent AP style changes, but allowing writers to use "less" and "fewer" interchangeably is a bridge too far

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@healyn “fewer than zero, the 1987 film based on the award-winning novel…”

@healyn @patience I care fewer and fewer each day about your feelings, healyn.

@patience @breakfastgolem i learned the difference between these words by watching Finding Forrester

@breakfastgolem @patience "greater calories" sounds worse than "more calories". "fewer calories" sounds better than "less calories". this is a phonetic thing. don't fuck with me on this

@patience @healyn elvis costello voice everything means fewer than zero

Hi, @healyn! Do you have any advice that might help newcomers to the English language to comprehend when to use fewer instead of less or less instead of fewer?

@Dooovall hi Daniel...basically if an object/concept can be counted in individual units, it should be "fewer" ("fewer calories" vs "less fat")

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