can i name all the christmas reindeer? offended that you would ask. not even gonna google it

ya got your rudolph, blitzen, donner, frank, blitzen III, aragorn, sylvio

that's all 10 right there. this one was a slam dunk. put it in the books

@healyn you forgot tony d in the back, makin a Noel pizza

@healyn he may be why you’re missing a few.
RIP dear deer.

@healyn congratulations you have won a gift certificate for a brand new Turboman Doll

@JohnBrownJr @healyn I read it and thought "wow a Jingle All The Way reference in 2020"

As some people will tell you, I am a fan of the deep cut reference

@sexybenfranklin @healyn the wife and i watch it every year, it’s the only movies i have i’ve actually purchased (because i couldn’t find a torrent of it)

@healyn healyn i only learned just yesterday that sil's actor was in the e street band. like what the fuck

@healyn i know right. like how does a person get to whatever age i am without knowing these basic facts about the world

@triz wait, one question. ever watch The Office (american version)?

@healyn no i watched the ricky gervais version, as a true interlectual

@triz oh great. well then my follow up question is useless

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