some folks love the woods. not me. that's where spooky stuff happens. i got enough shit to deal with, ok?

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Hey I got to deal with my [own shit] so for distraction I hit up X-files or TNG (but I seen it all) so the woods are cool:

Mushroom circle: Hmm what would happen if I would pour down with the fairies? BAM in my mind a new episode!

Empty milk carton: did some goblin have a milk frenzy.... New episode!

Cotton swap: is this a rogue virus laboratory? ... BAM! New episode!


Just don't go out at night around 4-5AM, cuz le dogmens, they are weird in the bad way.


@Mnemonic i'm not reading all this bullshit mnemonic. please keep your replies to like 30 characters max

@healyn Healyn, you gotta go hiking in the pine barrens my dude. Embrace the spooky

@Laser no way brother, i saw that sopranos episode

@healyn it's legit my favorite episode. The way he starts eating ketchup packets after like 6 hours is so fucking funny

@Laser also, directed by the one and only Steve Buscemi (legendary Long Island guy)

@Laser as far as islands go, it is (if you include BK and Queens)

@healyn I don't, but I'm not gonna disparage a 9/11 first responder and his little island

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