living the rise and grind lifestyle in the hopes that one day I have enough money to set up a "charitable foundation" that acts as a tax shelter


Jeff Bezos' ex, MacKenzie Scott, is giving the game away right now. She gave $2.7B away this year so far, and the National Review is trying to take her down with this shit?

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I honestly have no idea what kind of person MacKenzie Scott is, but instead of publicizing a "MacKenzie Scott Foundation", she seems to be emailing random nonprofits and telling them she's gonna give them $3M

i guess what i'm getting at is, i'd like her to give me a shot

@healyn the mental image here is extremely funny, but it also seems like the thing to do if you have just an unconscionable amount of money to give away

@BestGirlGrace right! like, "uh oh, i'm down to 2 billion dollars, i better start being careful. let me take a 7 month vacation wherever the hell i want and i'll get back to this"

@healyn you know the scene in die hard where hans gruber is listing off various organizations he wants to be released from prison, and he just starts listing off people he saw on 60 Minutes

it's like that, but "yeah, these guys seem cool. let's see if they want some of jeff's blood money"

@a_breakin_glass putting "alternatives to police and jails" in quotes, as if that's bad for society

csa, imperialism, racism, me stating the obvious 

@healyn criticising scott as a dangerous oligarch for attempting to uplift communities while her deadshit ex-husband wears a cowboy hat and invents a brother to drunkenly rambe to about inviting into not-even-outer-space, musk shits on vaccines and calls for coups, gates chills with the king of kid-fiddlers and presses the boot down harder on non-white countries is fuuuucken quite a pill to swallow

@healyn Despite giving away more money than anyone else, her net worth went from 28 bil to 60 bil in the same year. Soooooo uhhhhhh

@lousycanuck i should make it clear that she should not be considered some kind of hero. a ton of her net worth must be in unvested amazon stock, so most of her net worth is going to be contingent on the company's stock price

i just like the way she seems to be researching individual charities and hitting them with big donations where they had no idea she even knew who they were, that's all

@healyn Yeah, she's literally making money off of Bezos' diamond mine, but she's also building a ton of goodwill by doing that bare minimum level of donation that Bezos chooses not to do every single day. She's not a hero, but she's also showing just how fucking evil every other oligarch is.

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