when i was younger, i was a maintenance worker at a beach club a couple summers. that's where i met a deranged biker Vietnam vet who told me, "when it's hot and sticky, that's no time for dunkin' dicky. when there's frost on the pumpkin, time for dicky dunkin'"

i assume he's dead now

@healyn this is going to rotate around my head all day like a carousel of dicky dunkin

@Pixley i apologize, Amelia. it's been in my head for 20 years

@healyn presumably if he was in the southern hemisphere during their summer, he would similarly not dunk dicky

@sexybenfranklin i didn't get into specifics with this guy, he was worrisome, ok?

@healyn yeah that's totally fair. I'm glad you got this nugget of wisdom

@healyn yeah probably because Obama didn't Honor our Vets!!

@healyn I want to believe that this isnt actually about sex and is instead about like, breakfast or something

not really 

@Captain @healyn not many people know this, but "dicky" is actually Vietnam war veteran slang for "donut"

@healyn found this because I googled hoping there was a classic ballplayer or something named Dickie Duncan

@healyn I'm supposed to believe this wasn't Joe Biden

@foggy @healyn I think it's infinitely more likely that this guy is now a Qanon influencer with 800,000 followers

@healyn right, Joe Biden, why is everyone repeating what I said

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