I've owned an unopened DVD box set of HBO's Rome for 11 years

i spend an inordinate amount of time talking about billy joel and phil collins, but this was my 2018 spotify top songs list

i hop on twitter for 3 seconds and see this shit. this is my fuckin racket, lay off

the Lake Champlain monster, who lives near Fort Ticonderoga, is the older sister of the Loch Ness monster.

This is cannon

still watching this trailer a few times a week. i am confident i will love this movie. love the way it looks



could really just use a "yes" or "no" on this one, google. ffs

snack food 

Trying to watch The Godfather, Pt II on Netflix and the subtitles are really throwing me off

Just a heads up that there was a movie released in August starring John Travolta, directed by Fred Durst, that grossed $3,153 at the box office


ME: i don't know how this meme works

ME: hold my beer

tfw you're a young Jonathan Banks and some Detroit cop is trying to mess with your crime syndicate

Mirror selfie/ec 

like, is this guy fucking serious? this is a man who has done terrible things

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