@RAPIDPUNCHES That sounds very decaffeinated. Also, collapsing isn't good. :|

I'm too tired for my shirt
Too tired for my shirt
So tired it hurts
And I'm too tired for Milan
Too tired for Milan
New York, and Japan
I'm too tired for your party
Too tired for your party
No way, I'm calling it an evening

"It was just a dream..." she whispered to herself. "Just a dream."

"Pity" said a voice from the darkness. "It was altogether better than the nightmare we're living in now."

@ericvonfoerster Friday is at its best when it has turned into Saturday.

@larand Hope you're feeling better soon and can get some rest on the weekend.

@larand If you're okay with honey, then I can recommend picking up some New Zealand Manuka Honey, it works wonders on sore throats, from what I've experienced. You can usually get it in health food stores. It comes in different strengths, higher number strengths more potent. Lovely stuff, it's not like regular honey.

@larand I usually go for a nice no-sugar ginger or ginger & lemon tea when that happens. Hope yours clears up soon.

@Magess Not ready to roast my own yet, I live in a high-rise building, want to be considerate to my neighbours.

@Magess In contrast, I go through about 4 pounds of coffee beans every 1.5 weeks. Thankfully I buy them from someone who resells from a roaster.

@Magess It was loosely ground green tea from Japan, not enough to be a powder, more like a Sencha. I've also had some nice Gyokuro.

I should get some (of the not-expensive variety) of all of this again, as a counterpoint to coffee. I've been immersed (steeping) in coffee culture for so long I've drifted away from tea as a regular thing.

@Magess I also tried a Matcha powder, it was around $40 for a 0.5"x2"x2" tin. :|

Both were wonderful, but...

@Magess The Matcha that I've tried previously was too expensive. Around $70 for a small tin. It was great, but not great enough to warrant that.

@Magess For coffee I like Guatemalan, and depending on the plantation and roasting it sometimes is too sweet so I mix it equally with Ethiopian.

The Ethiopian gives a nice firm grounded base reducing the lightness of the Guatemalan, and the Guatemalan tempers the harsher Ethiopian, leaving a strong aromatic brew with notes of cacao and soft spices.

I like tea as well, but haven't had a Matcha in a while now.

@Magess When I've over-caffeinated and simultaneously over-carb'd later in the day I know that I'll get some kind of cramp. I've run out of bananas, I usually have one for the potassium, and I try to hydrate.

But I love coffee. Having one now.

@Magess I think I might have been tired enough to be too irritated at the calf cramp to wake up and disturb my sleep. :)

@Waldenpond Also, increasing the relevance of this is that I shop there every day or two as a regular, so this isn't a one-off grocery store that I visited. I'll be interacting with these employees every few days, so I think that may have factored into why it mattered more to me.

@Waldenpond Aside from not liking that the rude person who cut in line got away with it without consequence, I think additional frustration came from being Canadian-polite and not wanting to hold up the rest of the people waiting in line.

So by not inconveniencing others by conversing more, the cashier may not really have been convinced of the matter.

But when I write those words, I realize, what does it matter. It is irksome only to me, and is infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things.

@ericvonfoerster I'm usually pretty articulate, but I wasn't expecting this nonsense and I was under caffeinated. I think even in my clipped tone I was still being considerate that it was in the middle of the end-of-day rush with still dozens of people in line.

I made my point, though not sure if she was convinced or was just wanting to keep things moving along.

At that point I just wanted to get away from all humans.

@mdhughes @larand At this point I need a year off on a desert island. :| I'm going to try adding a few dozen filters temporarily and see how it affects my stream there. The people I'm following though are pretty depressed by the world, even when they're not tweeting about specifics.

@larand I'm in the same boat, it's nauseating and debilitating. I've been considering adding dozens of filter terms, but I don't like being deliberately unaware of what's going on. Yet even keeping up to date about what is going on is bad for mental health.

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