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also pictured: my character dressing considerably less butch than usual😂

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i modeled my pocket camp camper as if one of my besties, her dog, my smol dotter, and i were living in it

Look at this tiny little orca!

I sized it down for a 4x4 hoop and... that made it smaller than I had imagined. It’s a bit finicky but still easier than trying to sew something that tiny on a conventional machine. And it’s three-dimensional while still being entirely in-the-hoop which has been my grail as far as designs that will stand out in the market.

(Yes, that’s it compared to the Boston Terrier Orca, I don’t even know where the purple one is right now.)

#plushie #art #mastoart

i'm gonna try to retoot art i like more often! before, i was forgetting about mastodon unless i had something to post, but i realized that was kind of selfish when there's all this great art out there

i just made a music track for the first time in a while! it's called Sub-di5ide. the name doesn't mean anything and idk what genre this is (chiptune? trap?) but here you go
(made in pixitracker)

hey what's up i just posted a deltarune dressup fangame made by me and my brother. enjoy!

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