Six years ago I used motifs & alphabets from 'Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery' & an Excel spreadsheet to create a design inspired by a favourite old Current 93 song. It took me a while to actually start stitching in earnest but working on this piece kept me occupied throughout the lockdowns & at last it's ready to be blocked & framed.

Planning to wind this account down and just stick to my scholar social account, largely for work things. I think I'm happiest when my off-duty self is also an offline or at least fully anonymous self.

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Can anyone recommend a good #texttospeech app/browser add-on? The volume of reading I need to do for work has increased significantly. My comprehension & retention is much improved with listening & reading together. Thanks in advance! :boost_requested:

Can't normally be doing with a long film but I will make an exception for Rivette and he really does push the boat out, so to speak.

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Goldfinches have finally found our garden and the nyger thistle seed we put out for them months ago. There's a pair now visiting the garden at least twice daily!

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Pretty much the best day. Went to the garden centre to buy patio pots & plants, then birdwatching at Goldenacre Park & Adel Dam with my folks. Saw a buzzard in the shade of the trees, two greater spotted woodpeckers, a chiffchaff, chaffinches, herons, an assortment of tits, ducks and geese. Heard a blackcap (so I'm told). Very nice.

Had my hair professionally dyed for the first time and it's awful. I asked for a neutral mushroom brown (similar to my natural colour) to cover the grey and I've ended up with a stripey golden blonde. Planning to wait 6 weeks then ask for a different toner?

Also, everyone had Another Dinner is Possible on their shelves and it gave me a rush of nostalgia for the optimism we all had in our 20s

Weekend away in Sheffield visiting friends (multiple!) I've had since we were teenagers. After most of my Uni friendships imploded horribly, I'm always touched to remember people actually like me long term.

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Now that it's official enough to share the news - I'm going to be joining the University of Leeds as a Research Data Management Advisor from 20th June. Looking forward to joining the team and learning how it's done!

Garden bird news! Spotted a great tit in the garden for the first time, two of them in fact. Luckily there was a coal tit and a blue tit handy to compare with and confirm they were definitely bigger and had bolder markings.

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So. Umm. It's a bit awkward, but folks here are generally tolerant and friendly.... So, umm, Pokemon Go? Our family has several players....

Don't renew your passport when you're applying for a job, my friends! Especially not if you weren't born in the country you're working in.

(At least this time I'm starting a new job without also moving house and relocating to a new place)

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As I start to wrap up in my current role I'm reminded how much my mental health benefits from doing routine tasks which are familiar and which I've got a track record of doing well. Changing jobs always throws that out of whack, along with my chronic health stuff too usually. Bracing myself.

I bought a second laundry basket and it's changed my life for the better. Can recommend!

Had a super nice time at my work pal's ambient music night. Very chill, very nice 'vibes'. Coil, Deep Listening Band, and others, live stuff with clarinet. Good drones.

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