I found the purple horizontal corduroys 13-year-old-me coveted from dELIA*s.
They were fucking $54 in the NINETIES no wonder my mom wouldn't buy them for me.

🐐 I am become death, destroyer of fences
and plum trees
and cardboard boxes
and your heart

That feeling when you live quite literally on the wrong side of the tracks

FREE: Featherfeet, an accidental Mille De Fleur bantam rooster. Extremely protective of hens 3 times his size who won't give him the time of day; attacks small children with his spurs.
So I guess I'm saying
he protecc
but he also attacc

Got new bed linens and now wondering how do I disclose my squid bed status to future partners? "Can we go back to your place?" "I mean... I guess... I think you should know I have a squid bed."

Check out these cheerful boys who are so enthusiastic about being alive they've busted through the roof!

Youngest hens have just started laying and look at the weeeeeensiest little eggy! eeeeeeeeeee πŸ₯šπŸ”πŸ₯šπŸ”

This is Fat Frank and he is missing from Atascadero, CA. Boost to find my cuddly fat boi.

You guys I picked up a feral kitten because my brain thought that fluff=friendly but I was WRONG and it was a Very Bad Idea 0/10 do not recommend


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