I like that as a society we have agreed on the concept of "basic girls" because when I was in high school we called them "breezies" and nobody from even like one town over knew what you were talking about.

When you decide to stop partying, being free, having fun and settle down.

I'm gonna name my car John McCain because it's white, it's old, something's wrong with its head, and it's taking a long ass time to die

y'all I drank a diet pepsi and it was actually astonishingly delicious, where do I sign up for reeducation camp

@goodleftyfundies you can tell because of their space eyes with the creepy horizontal space pupil. absolutely not of this Earth.

THE FIRST GUY WHO EVER SAID LOOK IM NOT GONNA BLOW SMOKE UP YOUR ASS: look, im not gonna blow smoke up your ass
ALL OF HIS FRIENDS: fuckin what? you're not gonna WHAT?

Do you ever think about sprite comics/ flash animations and how there's like, a whole art form that's already died out and will never get appreciation in our lifetime. Like you're not gonna take an art class and hear about the stuff I grew up watching online, because it was all unlicensed, and now most of its already gone. And it's not that I'm saying it was good, because you don't measure art by "good". There's a whole generation of artistry people poured over and it's gone or soon to be.

Sewing up the plackets of button up shirts/dresses: an awkward booby trap for people trying to remove your clothing for sexy times

Also since apparently I'm talking about clothes all day today: sewing up the plackets on every single button-up shirt/dress because boobs. Annoying!

Mending clothing:
"I am just going to sew this real quick."
"Oh can you fix mine?"
"Oh I also have a thing that needs fixing."
"Me too! Please?"

These pants are made of 70% lyocell. The fuck is lyocell? People inventing all kinds of new science fabrics out here, the hell.

I have been looking at Delia*s catalogs for literally an hour and 33-year-old me just wants to know why all the models have such terrible posture

@goodleftyfundies I remember hearing that they kinda hated each other in real life so they got really into kicking each other's asses but I don't know if it's true

My new look is winter 1996 dELIA*s catalogue crossed with how your mouth feels when you have a hangover

@Pixley I know right, it's a total time warp. I remember circling all the stuff I wanted.

I found the purple horizontal corduroys 13-year-old-me coveted from dELIA*s.
They were fucking $54 in the NINETIES no wonder my mom wouldn't buy them for me.

*me, every time I check the mail* (to the tune of "kill the poor") -
check check check check check the mail
check check check check check the mail
check check check check check the mail
to-ni-i-i-i-ight i-i-i-i-ight

@Pixley I BEGGED my mom to buy them for me and she refused because "we need money for groceries" or some bullshit. They were purple and super wide-leg.

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