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Roommate's kid in the kitchen just rocking out singing his misheard lyrics: uptown, funky butt, uptown funky butt

I want scifi films in which there is a vibrant, detailed, complex universe with plenty of background lore, but is about, say, a teenage girl finding her lost cat, or a group of socially awkward queers starting a band, or middle aged single homos finding love, or a pair of friends (one human and one alien) going on a camping trip where nothing bad happens.

Folding laundry is the worst chore because it takes like 3 whole hours if you count all the time spent Not Folding Laundry while thinking about how you have to fold the laundry.

Y'all I am working an event that is so bougie they have gold glitter trash cans

In olden times, when people tended to spend their whole lives in one small area, people didn't know yet that birds migrated south for the winter. So they came up with a lot of ideas. Swallows lived under the sea for half the year. Other birds moved to the moon during that time. But my personal favorite was the claim that geese died off every year, and then grew again on trees in the spring.

Gerald of Wales even claimed to have seen this himself, bc the 1100's were good times for shitposting.

That feeling when you are convinced that a skunk died under the house but your roommate just took a dab in the bathroom

🐐 I am become death, destroyer of fences
and plum trees
and cardboard boxes
and your heart

Ugh I'm not a celeb gossip person At All, but I am so sucked into this Grimes/Azalea Banks/Elon Musk story rn

πŸ’ΎπŸ’½β˜ŽοΈπŸ“ πŸ“ŸπŸ“Ό we really need these emojis, we are all talking a lot about beepers and vhs movies and "insert disk 4 of 6"

Wildflower for Wednesday! 

Bottle gentian is currently blooming in IL and in wetlands and moist prairies across the NE quadrant of the US. Its violet blooms look like they're just about to open up, but they never do (relatable). Only bumblebees are strong enough to force their way in past the wall of petals, and they're rewarded with a rich bloop of nectar and pollen. It's easy (if slow) to grow in a wildflower garden, if you want bumblebees! ALSO, gentians are used in bitters, thanks gentians!

(while packing a truck) OMG "The Ratchet Straps" would be like the best all-girl punk band name ever!

Flannel sheets are the best because it feels like you're sleeping inside of your boyfriend's comfiest winter shirt, which is infinite cozy.

Flannel sheets are the best because they feel like the inside of the plaid sleeping bag you had as a kid that you only got to use while camping.

Flannel sheets are the best because they don't get sticky or slidey if you happen to sweat.

I am the flannel sheets evangelist. I am spreading the good word and kicking those microfiber charlatans out of the damn temple.

I am the flannel sheets evangelist. I am spreading the good word and kicking those microfiber charlatans out of the damn temple.

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