@hellcp I think I might have to consider a non-logo mascot winner. 😍

@trwnh I think Fred the PixelFed mascot has a better ring to it than Fred the PixelFred mascot!

@pixelfed @trwnh we can just call the mascot "PixelFred", short for "PixelFed Mascot Fred".


1. That's more of a mascot than a logo

2. That doesn't look much like a red panda (the face is all wrong and its legs & belly should be darker too)

@hellcp (Sorry; I don't mean to be negative. I'm a designer, so I nitpick things, and I love red pandas.)

@garrett Oh, that's not a logo (I posted logo separately in GH Issue). I also oversimplify mascots, take from base material what I liked the most (and I probably will revise that mascot at some point because I'm never truely happy)

@Quiralta I would argue that FF's FF looks less like FF and more like orangey red fox ;)

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