@gnome lack of docs on theming documentation for themes is the most frustrating thing ever. When developing apps I'm trying to use classes embedded in Adwaita, but I have to directly look into Adwaita's CSS to figure it out. Lack of classes docs is a major pain for developers. On the other hand, if I want to develop a theme, it's really freakin hard, because there is no docs. I still have to look up Adwaita. Lack of docs on theming is a major pain for designers.

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@gnome I can only imagine that those additional classes written by developers of apps, which have to be additionally supported by theme developers, were written because of lack of docs on what class to use in what situation.

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@gnome GTK is a hell to work with in that case. You have to look up source code to develop anything sensible, which makes Qt and even Motif so much easier to work with.

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