I have a lot of respect for people that develop NVIDIA tools on Linux and other open platforms, that stuff is nearly impossible due to how closed off the ecosystem is.

Eh, I would gladly take part if only NVIDIA cared enough to support Linux the same way AMD started to do it with their graphic drivers.

Frankly still it's a mess with AMD considering that drivers won't really work for BSD and other open platforms, but it is a step in right direction. You can tell what my next gpu/apu is gonna be

I mean, the whole thing with EGLStreams is such a bullshit
Create your own standard instead of following existing ones, that's the way to go, for sure...

It is still in the hands of manufacturer of the gpu to create a driver which will work for the OS which is supposed to be using that driver, that obviously includes Wayland support, which doesn't work still for NVIDIA users, and if it does, barely, after a very very long time of Wayland's development.


I mean, Nouevau has not seen many improvements for some time now, I feel like community is finally growing tired of the ways NVIDIA treats them, and after seeing that there is a better way (that being AMD example from earlier).

Don't buy NVIDIA, please, for the love of god, this has to stop.

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@hellcp I have been all-in AMD due to the reasons above however I can't ignore the fact that I have much harder time making OpenCL function on AMD than nvidia. Still hoping for a ootb experience but it seems that my cards will be obsolete before that day. My 280X is already unsupported.

@qwazix Considering that it's supported by amdgpu driver (as long as you use `radeon.si_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1` as kernel parameters), it's not that bad, but yeah, I would consider that generation to be a transition period between radeon and amdgpu, not the best support.

Thankfully most distros started packaging openCL addons to AMDGPU seperately so it shouldn't be that hard (I was gonna write an email to AMD asking for permission to package that stuff for openSUSE too).

@qwazix I mean, yeah, in the end, it would be nice if openCL stuff was open source too, and hopefully that will happen one day, but I can understand that it might take some time to figure out patents and code properly before it all goes public.

@hellcp I think the latest iteration of RoCM is, and it supports at least GCN 1.1 but I coulnd't make it work on blender on ubuntu 16.04. clinfo reports everything ok but blender craps out...

@qwazix Yeah, we had the same issue on discord from somebody, I should look more into that but I don't really have hardware to properly test it :/

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