Hey, nice, I see some Poles following me now. Can I point out how bullshit it is that there are basically just two 13 inch laptops (and not a single one smaller)with Ryzen in polish stores. I hear HP has thermal issues with it and Lenovo is just garbage build quality.

I hear Dell has both of those things pretty good, but that 13 inch is not sold here, come on, I want a good laptop already!

Ah, there is also Huawei, but how about no.

@hellcp One root cause is that AMD somehow keeps back their mobile CPUs from other vendors besides the big ones.

@vinzv Dell is not small, but I agree that it's not as big as HP or Lenovo :c

@vinzv I mean, it might be a smart strategy considering that they probably want their chips in high quality devices, although they still suck, even if made by known companies like HP or Lenovo apparently.

@hellcp Yeah. I don't think it's very smart either. Especially as there really is high demand for Ryzen-based notebooks.

@vinzv There's hope that Zen+ chips will be in laptops, although considering that so far the only devices announced were ASUS gaming giant screen barely portable laptops and Chromebooks, my hopes aren't as high as I would like them to be.

I had the same problem couple of months ago. I went with HP one and I'm quite happy.

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