I hope I will manage to choose a single logo out of all the ideas for one day.

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@hellcp These look really cool!

That said: Leap and Tumbleweed don't have enough space between their parts. The spacing should be more like it is in the geeko component. (That is: a little more negative space.)

@garrett I agree, although it is kind of problematic with Tumbleweed, as the reason why the logo is that different from the original is to make it way less wide, compared to current infinity logo, moving the second arrow will make it a little wider, which might prove itself an issue :/

@garrett Why less wide? The current logo is very hard to pair with Leap when trying to show them side by side, they look like they were created for wildly different purpose, because of sizing (and line width, and some other factors)

@garrett Patch1: Although more than just spacing between TW and Leap changed (experimenting with MicroOS to have a distinct colour too)

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