@gregf What you call "capitalist" works of art always express the contradictions of the society that produces them, and are therefore worth studying in this light. Marx and Engels said as much about Balzac, and this has been a guiding principle of Marxist criticism since Jameson. It seems careless to me to assume that because a work was produced for profit and at the service of capitalist ideology, we have nothing to learn from its study


@garfiald jeez, is everybody on the fediverse communist

@hellcp @garfiald@mastodon.socialaybe not every one but its damn close!

@hellcp @garfiald How can I put this delicately?

Bro! You just posted capitalism! You are going to loose intellectual freedom in pursuit of a profit margin

@hellcp @garfiald Baby leftist, here. Going anarcho-something, eventually, if I get time to study all the labels instead of trading health for a paycheck. So, down with capitalism so I can figure out what kind of anti-capitalism looks the best.

@hellcp @garfiald comunista, marxista, leninista, luxemburguista e trotskista. #presente


@hellcp @garfiald commy tummy craving some funny mummy cummy
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