human person photo, face piercings 

Ayyy, guess who got their ears poked through

Even just removing the left-right border is a big improvement, wow

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Hacked it into looking kinda alright, although highlighting the entire line and not doing left-right border instead could look better

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Mastodon, what the frick guys, border-top-right-radius AND a border inside the table?

@kam @le_ArthurDent clearly you are following wrong hashtags :P

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Let me know if you understand what this is supposed to mean

My phone hanged on multiplied notification from Fedilab. Cool

Making some prototype system loading animations, for fun. Maybe it will get me somewhere

I made this icon for Minecraft to fit my Adwaita setup better, fits so well <3

I hope I will manage to choose a single logo out of all the ideas for one day.

As per very correct @garrett 's observation, Fred didn't have some features, for which Red Pandas are known. So that's fixed, he also has camera now.

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