idk how it came to this, but I sure do appreciate that meme

Maybe some of you would wanna help out and design logo for , we would love to move on with deciding the rest of branding, and we just need a few submissions to have more to choose from than just 3-4 logos.

Making some prototype system loading animations, for fun. Maybe it will get me somewhere

I hope I will manage to choose a single logo out of all the ideas for one day.

Huh, nice, I managed to help out Geeko in need with setting up Nvidia Optimus AND eGPU. SUSEPrime is basically magic at this point.

Yay, will soon have a better distinction between distro branding. Kubic, Tumbleweed will have seperate logos in installers and on desktops (except Xfce branding, I didn't approach the subject to change that stuff yet).

Now about those new logos...

Haha, having everybody suggest me to run for the Board is flattering, but no, not yet.

There is a reason why I'm shouting at board with Foundation for the last few months, We have no idea what company will wanna acquire SUSE next, as long as we as community have say in actually creating Foundation, or joining an umbrella like SPI or Conservancy, we should!

Or we will face facts post mortem like Fedora is now with IBM looming over them.

Looking for better way to package for than putting all stuff in /opt smh...
This is what hell looks like


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