You ever wonder what happened to Alogs that we now do Blogs?

I come here whenever I am in an anti capitalist mood, and I'm never disappointed

Happy Thanksgiving to all the usonians! Outside of the US we are gonna feast off of your black friday sales tomorrow supporting your local capitalism. No need to thank us

human person photo, face piercings 

Ayyy, guess who got their ears poked through

@trwnh imagine if humans had to put on masks on their arms as well

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fuck jobs. i dont want to 'work'. i want to contribute to something useful. be an equal part of something useful.

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Find out all sorts of things about @opensuse Heroes, the infrastructure & mailing list migration in this #openSUSE + @libreoffice Conference talk. It even includes emails from the future 😉

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app devs hurry up and support android 11 chat bubbles because i miss that feature from like 2013

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Zusammen in der S-Bahn fahren wir wieder zu mir und zeige sein neues Zuhause :-)


After a quick look at the jobs market, why do we participate in that garbage?

@jex same with ruby, I wonder where else that's the case

@pagrus do we get a pass if we are developers of the distro?

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