@SenojEkul Ah, yeah, that's harder too, but I can see the need in this kind of stuff with Linux, which makes me wonder why no Linux vendor hired you yet ;)

@SenojEkul Although I guess you can't really go low-level with hardware with just consumer stuff, so that kind of kills the idea, all he does is designing boards and having them manufactured, soldering all the stuff together and maybe encasing it in some nice case if he really needs to. If it's any lower level than this, you would really need to work in a lab to do that stuff...

@SenojEkul Maybe taking family as an example here is a bad idea, but my dad, as a hobbyist hardware engineer (physical chemist by trade and education) writes articles to hobby magazines about hardware that he was developing for some different purposes, but that were useful enough that other people could benefit from them.

Try to find an outlet for creating some hardware and make people that do care about those things notice you enough to maybe be hired in the area, I don't really know...

@SenojEkul everybody has some games ideas, I can come up with a few rn >:D

Jokes aside, unfortunately as much as it affects everybody, education based employment is a joke...

@SenojEkul On the plus side, your hobby leads you to well made software and well made packages, if only we could just work on our hobbies for a living...

@kaniini I would call Gargron the Steve Jobs of fediverse, for marketing tho ;)

@kaniini Pfft, not even close to compare the two, it's obvious that Linus cares more about quality of the submitted code and usefulness rather than the personal views on the features...

Candied ginger is the best mistake I ever bought, the mix of sweet and spicy flavours is amazing, but I really wanted candied pineapple :/

@Gargron @SunSaint still waiting for iframes that scale with the rest of the interface without excessive amounts of js...

@SunSaint @Gargron We need full on stylesheets with support for fetching external fonts, and maybe js!

I would kill for marquee tag tho

@applebaps @eightbitsamurai Eh, that's just fitting into the Polish market, it's a common thing in the Poland, fix the country first >:D

Maybe that's not much of an excuse for CDPR, but it kinda needs to follow the market to sell anything, that's how capitalism works ;)

But yeah, for the love of god, let me be openly gay without being killed on the streets at least...

@trwnh @andrewt There are a lot of photo standards, in professional photography nowadays it will be 3:2, for consumer 5:4, so 10x8 is the more popular standard

@andrewt @trwnh 16:11 would be pretty close to 1:sqrt(2), right between 4:3 and 16:10 :P

Also as usual, US has some weird standards that make no sense

@dansup why even have a header there, the text on the left side says it all

@DashEquals @Gargron @dansup ~~the tea is real~~

ah, wait, mastodon doesn't support markdown

@Gargron @dansup the similarities end on logo, language picker and a screenshot (and that's basically all of the page that is visible >:D )

@trwnh Eh, not every fix is that easy, but it's cool to at least try ;)

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