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I'm sorry, Erazor Djinn is the best Sonic villain name I have ever seen heard or otherwise experienced.


Ah, there is also Huawei, but how about no.

Hey, nice, I see some Poles following me now. Can I point out how bullshit it is that there are basically just two 13 inch laptops (and not a single one smaller)with Ryzen in polish stores. I hear HP has thermal issues with it and Lenovo is just garbage build quality.

I hear Dell has both of those things pretty good, but that 13 inch is not sold here, come on, I want a good laptop already!

I mean, Nouevau has not seen many improvements for some time now, I feel like community is finally growing tired of the ways NVIDIA treats them, and after seeing that there is a better way (that being AMD example from earlier).

Don't buy NVIDIA, please, for the love of god, this has to stop.

I mean, the whole thing with EGLStreams is such a bullshit
Create your own standard instead of following existing ones, that's the way to go, for sure...

It is still in the hands of manufacturer of the gpu to create a driver which will work for the OS which is supposed to be using that driver, that obviously includes Wayland support, which doesn't work still for NVIDIA users, and if it does, barely, after a very very long time of Wayland's development.

I have a lot of respect for people that develop NVIDIA tools on Linux and other open platforms, that stuff is nearly impossible due to how closed off the ecosystem is.

Eh, I would gladly take part if only NVIDIA cared enough to support Linux the same way AMD started to do it with their graphic drivers.

Frankly still it's a mess with AMD considering that drivers won't really work for BSD and other open platforms, but it is a step in right direction. You can tell what my next gpu/apu is gonna be

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requesting monetary aid 

I feel like explaining to people that they don't need package called `wayland` to use wayland compositor may be pointless, maybe I should just create an empty `wayland` package?

I should get myself a blog, I have a lot to talk about, but every time I had a blog, it was deleted empty :/

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And my website is now up to date, including rel="me" on all the things. I didn't bother updating the look though, it was good enough before.

Aaaaaaand my laptop charger is dead, I guess I might as well use my phone instead :/

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Nice news:
EU to fund bug bounty programs for 14 open source projects starting January 2019 | ZDNet

Some of the approved projects include KeePass, 7-zip, VLC Media Player, Drupal, and FileZilla.

#FOSS #open-source

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Debian Clojure contributor, Python packager and Conservancy supporter Elana Hashman talks about the fediverse, how she got started in #freesoftware and sustainability,

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@Gargron We wish you a very Merry Christmas! 🎄

Thank you for inspiring a new generation of ActivityPub projects, we wouldn't exist without all the hard work you and others have done! ❤️

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