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im committed to maintaining a strict policy on here so apologies if i have not yet followed you

folks if you’ve ever been might be a redneck

thanks to assassin's creed odyssey i am finally living my dream of giving the entire peloponnese two tickets to the gun show

i want to play the cowboy game but i have neither console nor tv fuck off rockstar

"halloween" was initially a portmanteau of the words "hallowed" and "ween" meaning saintly or revered penis

my game opinions are such trash right now, by way of illustration im really enjoying diablo 3 season 15 right now suck it nerds

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you know you're getting old when you're too old to fuck around with gamebryo and it's floaty ugly bullshit anymore

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the fallout franchise is one of my all time faves, and of the modern era the best written and most enjoyable was new vegas

AND a huge new mod for new vegas was just released and ... im probably not gonna play it because i can't be fucked to suffer through playing something on the gamebryo engine SUE ME FUCKOS

speaking as one oft-maligned as a "bofa boy" by big accounts, taking down the bofa instance is the least bofa response possible

i feel like some of you need to cut each other way more slack than you do but 🍵

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