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im committed to maintaining a strict policy on here so apologies if i have not yet followed you

People ask me if it is too many sons to have five? Yes. One is from my wife's first marriage and two are from her new husband she drops them off here I buy a lot of things in bulk

try living with fat cock disease for one day and see how hard my life is

the best part of being a dad is eating your kids food

@helldude Bofa lol was once a respected Hollywood star who fell from grace.

Let's point at him and laugh.

every single person who did a follow Friday post and didn't include me, whether they knew who I was or not, is dead to me.

bofa lol tried to touch my weiner recommend blocking them

Ogg Vorbis is my least favorite Star Wars character, among many

Ask not the lawyers for advice, for they will say both yes and no

while yall are here peep the soundcloud for the sound of me weeping uncontrollably

@helldude fool. you do not go "viral" on mastodon. you go "woolly". you simpleton. you absolute station wagon

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