80% of the internecine fights we see play out on the timeline are personal disputes that get blown out into big issues of political dimension

trust an old cranky man when i say, hate you hate, it's ok! its fun to hate fuckos! you can dislike someone for whatever petty reason you want, you dont need to make into an issue of political or moral failing

@helldude sounds like something a revisionist would say smh.

@helldude I think it’s a bug of material analysis. Nothing is personal, everything is a world-historic force, including @ LilHomieBiAss420’s lukewarm dunks.

@helldude wow spoken like a true Patriarchal Cis NeoLib Patripassianist fuck I forgot the rest give me a minute

@helldude which reminds me, if people aren’t feeling welcome on Mastodon, with my wife’s permission I have built a treehouse in the backyard for everyone to scream rhyming obscenities at each other and draw. There is a limited amount of light beer, and I’m supposed to be back in the house by dinner time on weeknights. Pass it on

@Quotetweetpete what are the moderation policies of the instance?

@helldude My ongoing and world famous (one sided) feud with Jomny Sun is that I simply think he's really unfunny.

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