how does an entire ass national museum burn down

@helldude decades of ignoring critical infrastructure updates. the speed it burned down was amazing, but not surprising when you consider it's a centuries old wooden structure without any needed upgrades. it's such a sad waste of millenia of human history.

@helldude the whole thing has me thinking long and hard about how many other museums around the world full of irreplaceable pieces of our collective history could be just as unprepared for even a simple fire or flood. Some of the most important artifacts of ancient history are in places without any sense of governmental or civic stability, so disaster-proofing a museum probably isn’t high priority. It’s not like Brazil is a war zone, and they weren’t prepared

@SeriouslyWTF @helldude a little while ago a large chunk of the foremost museums in Europe, asia, and NA placed an embargo on australia. this was because they discovered customs officers had decided on a whim to torch 1000 unique plant samples, many of which were the point of comparison for all samples of the species. like the amount of stupid ways we sniff out history on the regular is incredible

@helldude had to check just then that you weren’t referring to an actual museum for asses. (At we’ve still got the penis museum in Iceland tho)

@helldude Thinking about what museums like that mean in places where Europeans stole a bunch of shit makes it so deeply upsetting to me.

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