about to drink a beer for the first time in pretty much as long as i can remember. the selection: coors lite, 24 oz can, yes i am going to do this

@helldude are the mountains blue? (if not, wait. the blue mountains let you know it is cold!)

@helldude I'm excited for you too. I need to crack one open later. 🍺

@helldude I had to convert this and was expecting some ridiculous amount lol.

@helldude goddamn it, you’re just going to spray watery vomit everywhere and swear off beer for another 20 years. If you’re ever in Vegas, a repeat of this experiment with something drinkable is absolutely on me.

@helldude *extremely chanting voice*

one of us. one of us. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

@helldude that's basically bubbly ditch water but do what you gotta do

@helldude Cancel that toot, I thought this was attached to a completely different one lmao

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