ahh gay paris just enjoyed a gauloise and a vending machine cafe au lait in the charles de gaulle taxi stand and am now stuck in a traditional french traffic jam about to elegantly shit my pants, truly magical, the city of lights

@helldude *extremely 1792 voice* Ahh I can already tell you are currently finessing about in the environs of the Rue de Shitting Pants. It's a very classy joint, a place to sit in a cafe' and drink cheap wine while watching falsely-accused Royalists being beheaded by the Sans Culottes in the centre of the square. Vive le shitted pants!!

@helldude @helldude What you do, don't show your work to Jean-Luc Godard. He'll be soo jealous that he'll have vigorous intercourse with at least 10 new mistresses in protest. And alas the hell dude will achieve karmic disrepute, which are often stored in the blue balls. C'est la vie.

@helldude you drive in foreign cities? That’s so brave. In Rome I had to turn my body sideways in the cab so I wouldn’t see the driver almost kill us every two minutes or so

@helldude Jealous, I wish I was shitting my pants in France

@helldude ugh. At least you can use jet lag as an excuse for slacking when you get back.

@helldude @Jbell419 I would like to do this in France instead of China. at least in China I get to go see the actual factories. Giant honking floors, thousands of people,

@helldude going back to france to get revenge on the bathroom that beat your ass?

@helldude first time in Paris my father was driving and going through the main road to the apartment we rented and massive traffic jam. we didn't know what was happening until we say the gas cannisters flying up above us as the police moved in on the milk price protestors. good times.

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