sometimes i like to remember that if martin omalley had won the presidency wed all just be hornily cranking our hogs to his dilfy photo ops instead of freaking out about trump tweets

@helldude he's like just bland enough to where he could probably win in like 10 years.

@helldude dude who looks like a volunteer firefighter from maryland president in like 2028? yeah sure why the fuck not i guess it's not cory booker.

@helldude im cranking it to omalley atm, typing with my left hand

@helldude I think someone in the youtube comments genuinely thought that video was part of some propaganda war

@helldude a yes, mark o'malley dot com. no one ever corrected me when i got his name wrong

@helldude the scandal we'd be dealing with would be something like he forgot to salute the Marine standing by Marine 1 because he was on the phone for either something very important or something stupid like his dog groomer or something

@helldude "If the president doesn't have time to respect the troops, I don't know what this country's coming to" said Greta Fleshburger on Fox, then commercials and less fear of nuclear war

@helldude as it is, the discourse is just liberals increasingly *not realising* that the vaunted system of American government they still worship is actually bullshit because you can actually elect someone completely unqualified and barely compos mentis and yet nobody really has enough desire, courage or the ability to stop him

@helldude I am tempted to compile a list of things Slate has said will "be the end of Trump" since the election, because they have literally found a new thing every week

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