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RT The ICE employee database getting torn down fucking instantly by the same tech companies who've claimed for years that they're powerless to do anything about Nazis on their platform should give you a clue about which side they're on.

RT 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕
🌕🌕🌖🌑⭕️ w ⭕️🌓

RT yah so it looks like the new EO is that the kids get to be in the same cages as their parents

RT Retweet if you believe i'd be a amazing trans model :)

Wearing little make up and feeling beautiful ❤

RT Imagine a pill that has the ability to reduce transmission by 99%. And what if you were told that all the funding that went into researching this preventative drug was actually by tax-payer money? (1)

RT Gilead Sciences now owns the patent to and is marking up the price by 250x the production cost. Out of pocket it can cost up to $1,600. (2)

RT Neuroscientist here, this is confirmed.

RT Medium banned him. Github removed his list. Twitter is banning those who go against ICE.


RT The wars and coups we waged in Central America for decades led to so many stateless refugees, and the failed states became what we see today. Places to escape. We own this, America.

RT remember: it was never about a fucking cake

RT something something are we the baddies?

RT "Jurors thought a gay man would enjoy prison." The starkest possible example of why those prison rape jokes everyone loves are so harmful

RT I don’t always defend concentration camps, but when I do, I do it in front of a flag with a fasces on it

RT Trump has been suspicious of news coverage of sad children in cages because he has been shown pictures by White House advisers of detained children smiling, exercising outside & playing video games. Miller, others telling POTUS to keep course.

RT Love those WWE Enclosed Spaces Made With Chain Link Fence Matches

This is literally a common Holocaust denier talking point
RT WATCH: Laura Ingraham describes child detention centers as "essentially summer camps"

RT Nielsen’s term “alien children” reminds me of this WWII political cartoon from Dr. Seuss. Complete with an America First reference!

RT “But what do you know...down there?”

RT If you ever ask the TERF-gotcha question "How do you define a woman"--putting aside for the moment how inherently misogynistic the implications of the question are--I'd invite you to answer the question "How do you define handedness?"