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Forgot i could post unlisted (by default). Doing that now since I can't add CWs to RTs from birbsite

Yay, it's installed.

Since when does gnome not let you edit the top panel??

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Remember when Senator Duckworth put a tiny blazer on her newborn so she wouldn’t violate Senate floor dress code? Or when female reporters were turned away from the House for sleeveless dresses? What could the difference be…


I’m absurdly happy to announce The Brainmind Residency, a 3-month virtual residency for emerging BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators in comics & illustration, animation, and video games:

Me: I don't like this video at all, I'm going directly to block the channel
YouTube: Got it, I'll show you more videos like this


Just want to remind folks that Buck Angel being a transphobe has nothing to do with his age. Please be sure to respect trans elders, even if they use outdated terminology that's not common anymore.


"I will dismantle this oppressive establishment board by board!"

Communism is a failed system unlike capitalism which can't be allowed to fail because then what would we do


it would own so much if Tesla suffered any consequences for constantly lying to consumers, but American regulators are worthless


Hey, get your fucking vaccine.

No really.

Go get your fucking vaccine.

Thanks for the new mask mandate. If you don't have a compelling medical reason (which is not YouTube videos) to not get your vaccine, get your fucking vaccine.


“When the people elected and appointed to lead this state put their political gains ahead of the public good, they have betrayed the people who have trusted them with their lives.”


... shakira do u have something to share with the class


Well, here’s wave 4.

In hot ICU we’re getting young, young and pregnant, young and disabled, unvaccinated covid deniers & (unfortunately) some older vulnerable & vaccinated.

Please stay safe.

Please go get vaccinated.

Don’t forget the decisions that led to this.

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