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RT i keep seeing stuff about people realizing is transphobic and i just want to remind you that not only is she a transphobe but she spends most of her twitter time searching words like "atheism" and "atheist" to find people to sic her followers on

RT Hey, this is a thing that's happening, folks who need a binder.

Huh, flashdrive keychain hole broke, guess i need a new flashdrive.
Could use a few new ones anyway

RT We tried to tell y’all during his confirmation hearings. You didn’t want to listen. We begged the Senate not to confirm his. We’ve been telling you since the day he took office. It’s No bueno.

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RT Not only is tomorrow, we got the meme worthy of it. Please help us win 10k and help the trans community.

This is the best album title I've seen btw

RT When SOPA happened there was a massive backlash and countercampaign, everyone was highly concerned about how it changed the relationship between users and content providers, it lead to lots of Thinking by the tech Thinking Class about how fragile the Internet as we knew it was.

RT When FOSTA happened it just... happened. Nobody pushed back except the people targeted, even though it punches much the same hole in "section 230" as SOPA. I'm interpreting this as being because civil libertarians felt threatened by not being able to download a song, but not this

RT When Cloudflare banned the Daily Stormer they had *lots* of public hand-wringing about it. They were really bothered by what they'd done and they said so. They were *very concerned* about the freedom of speech of the targeted.

This just sorta... happened.

Sex workers are getting the boot left and right and it's already done serious harm to the community. This bill needs to die yesterday

hmm, harder than I thought to find an informed consent clinic online, apparently

RT 15 missing, 3 dead, 2 suicide attempts, 2 assaults by pimps, 0 traffickers caught. This is my personal, limited, and extremely informal count. Imagine how many isolated workers are suffering or gone. Still gonna tell me FOSTA/SESTA is helping keep women and girls safe?

tfw no gf who stans me like Netflix stans boss baby

Head hairs are doin a gro

RT Trans people in my feed been saying Cis people are wild for a minute, but damn y'all, I almost had to ask a waiter what kind of car I was.

RT Just so I’m clear, laptop stickers are the tech equivalent of prison tattoos right?

making a gofundme called "send me money" with the description "I'm not elon musk but here's a picture of my couch"