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Forgot i could post unlisted (by default). Doing that now since I can't add CWs to RTs from birbsite

RT just saw a friend refer to red dead redemption 2 as "y'allout" and i'm already logging off

RT Hey y'all, I'm out of money and I really need help keeping up with my expenses for the next month or two while I'm looking for work. I've had some interviews, but no job yet. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated, no matter how small. 💙

RT The three genders

RT You will see more pizza boxes than ever before today.

RT Ryuko Matoi [Kill La Kill]


RT Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Peck reunite after 4 years

RT That Tell Tale post-mortem is fascinating. Sounds like the management was even worse than earlier reporting.

RT We’ve created a guide to completing the GRA Consultation in collaboration with & requesting that trans children & young people are afforded the same human rights as adults ⤵️

RT I tell these folks to go away, not because I have any expectation that they will (they rarely do), but to see how much they respect the wishes of people they purport to ally with.

RT The thing about allyship is that it requires you to back off when you're asked to.

For some reason, white liberals didn't get that memo.

RT For some reason, they feel the need to set me straight. And they usually do it by lecturing me on shit they'll never experience.

RT And again, I wonder why they think this condescension works?

Everytime one of them pulls this shit, they're met with hostilty.

But still they persist.

RT With a heavy heart,
My friend needs donations to afford her this month.
She's currently going through Diabetic Ketoacidosis right now because she could only get one of the 2 vials she needs.
Anything helps, even a retweet ❤

RT 💖✊🏻

RT Hey, so apparently Discord decided to quietly update their TOS with a clause that says you must forfeit your right to sue them or take part in a class-action lawsuit.

There's a way to "opt out" if you do so within the next 30 days by emailing

RT This is the REAL story about transgender athletes. It's treated like trans women win every time they compete, when in reality they are no more victorious than their cis opponents. Like everything else, it's just bigotry disguised as concern for cis women.

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