What happens if we acknowledge that doing nothing is fine and does do good to our lives?

More in “How we see Time”:

Keep your business not neutral — why it’s upon us, our individual action to change something:

1/2020: Prometheus, new Edge, dark mode for emails and no-track efforts

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Any business can stand to do less tracking. It’s great for visitors/customers in terms of privacy and performance, and it removes a ton of noise so you focus on data that matters instead of just slurping up a bunch of overwhelming and distracting data points. twitter.com/dhh/status/1214298

WDRL 279 — last in 2019:
Inclusive docs, Microbrowsers, Kind Companies, and CSS Subgrid Techniques

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I was fired last week by Google for organizing. All I did was make a popup to share the labor notice Google has to share with its workers.

3 hours later mgmt came to my desk, took my phone/laptop, escorted me away. I never got to say goodbye.

My story: medium.com/@ksspiers/google-fi

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Request with Intent, Small Differences, Self Organisation and Accessible Cards

[WDRL 274] 5min meetings, Basic as virtue, and Well engineered text form fields.

[WDRL 273] Elegant Simplification, Power Usage of Web Content, and Native JavaScript Modules.

WDRL 272:
Unactionable Advice, Bye iframes Hello ShadowDOM, And Teams Not Made Of Stars.

Of course an auction where bids and bidders are kept private “is a fair and objective method to determine which search providers are included in the choice screen.” [from Google’s FAQ]

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How to make even more money by giving users a choice, as required by law…

You know what? Read that and think whether you really want to buy or use any Google service or device at least once again: medium.com/@GoogleWalkout/onwa twitter.com/codepo8/status/115

I think it is time to switch away from Zeit Now. They kinda want me to force into v2 (serverless), which I don't need/want. Can anyone recommend Node.js hosting? Has to be GDPR compliant. Big bonus if they use green electricity only.

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Der Bahn-Fernverkehr in Deutschland darf nicht subventioniert werden. Würde diese Regel auch im Luftverkehr gelten, müssten in Deutschland 17 von 23 internationalen Flughäfen geschlossen werden, weil sie nicht rentabel sind. michael-cramer.eu/aktuelles/de

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