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I have no word to explain how much I dislike this idea. I will fight against AMP. I am now asking everyone in my circle to stop using Chrome. Anything but Chrome. This AMP shit has to stop. Google ask for too much control.

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AMP pages are beautiful, but links to AMP pages? Not so much ...

Until today! Signed exchanges are here: now you can get instant loading for AMP on your own domain! 🙌

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AMPhtml/status/111

Researchers find evidence of rising plastic pollution in an accidental source: log books for plankton-monitoring instruments.


Know someone who wants to learn web development? This is a good starting book, and you’ll get 20% off using that link:

Jeremy Mikkola wrote a good list of rules for autocomplete that totally make sense and we should try to implement as many of them when we build any auto complete feature ourselves.

Spectral stoplight.io/blog/introducing- is an open source, flexible JSON linter with out of the box support for the OpenAPI Specification and, as such, promotes consistency in API designs.

We forget that design patterns can also be patented — Christie Tang collected a few of the most prominent patterns that we cannot use for designing products due to big companies like Apple, Facebook, Samsung having patents on them.

Safari 12.1 is out and brings:
- Dark Mode for the Web
- Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.1
- Payment Request API improvements
- WebRTC Improvements
- Intersection Observer support
- Web Share API
- Color Input
- <datalist> support

“Ethics” and Ethics is more than a normal article to read. It’s a long essay about what the word ethics means, how its meaning changed in recent time, and the difficulty of diffusion of responsibility in companies. ia.net/topics/ethics-and-ethic

WDRL 263 — Edged Chromium, API Linting with Spectral, AutoComplete Rules, and UI Patents. And Morale.

WDRL 262: Clarity and Style, Humane by Design, 10 Years In The Web, and Almost No One.

Agrarministerin Klöckner hat 18 neue Ackergifte zugelassen, die unsere Bienen töten. Das Veto von Umweltministerin Schulze überging sie einfach – ein klarer Rechtsbruch! Über Hundert weitere Pestizide stehen schon auf der Warteliste. Damit sie die nicht auch noch durchwinkt, müssen wir jetzt schnell sein.


WDRL 261
Society Action, Unlabelled inputs, Constructable Stylesheets and Trust as Leader.

We finally refactored event ownerships.

Here’s a technical write-up on the why and how we made our code more maintainable and simpler: colloq.io/blog/refactored-even #refactoring #code

We’re opening up public user profiles colloq.io/blog/opening-up-the-

Starting today, we provide all events you follow, attend, speak at or organise as standardised Atom feeds (…) #rss

“We didn’t realise that the half year of constant, perceived failure left its traces in our minds”, The Tools We Use To Stay Afloat — 2019 Edition

WDRL 260: Company Culture, Cache Control, Encryption By Developers And Tracking Focused Elements.

Break Boxes, Common Voice, And Automated Accessibility Audits

“Do you sometimes feel like your brain doesn’t want to learn, read anymore during work? It’s something most of us experience from time to time. It’s the very reason why I …”

WDRL 258
Colorless Designs, Simple Forms, Native Web Videos, and Rendering The Web.

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