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- DISCLOSE the data you store, why you store it, where you store it, who you share it with & how its transmitted
- ALLOW your users to view, update & delete their data
- ASK users for consent to process their data & allow them to withdraw it

Take part in the CFP on "the future of working", for — a lovely conference in Cologne Germany

“Only a small amount of companies seem to actually care about their customers and […] meet the deadline [of GDPR]“

RT New guide! Lazy-loading images and video for the web: by ⚡️

✅ Covers techniques, libraries & gotchas.

WDRL 224 — Abortable Fetch, A Lazy Loading Guide, And Scooped Corners

WDRL 212: Runtime Programming, CSS Alignment Cheatsheet, Prototyping Workflows And Ethical Design

"When iOS throttles requestAnimationFrame to 30fps"

We've also experimented with doing this for Edge. On battery, Edge also throttles setTimeout to 16ms as opposed to the standard 4ms. All browsers do some amount of throttling for setTimeout/postMessage/rAF/etc in background tabs and cross-origin iframes (i.e. ads).

If you're interested in the various ways browsers throttle stuff to save user battery and CPU, there's some discussion at

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WDRL 211: Welcome To 2018 With Big Security Issues, Robust Client-side JavaScript, And A Front-End Performance Checklist

I wrote a piece about Ethical Design And Sustainability On The Web Hope you enjoy it. ✌️

and are not Intel only. ARM confirmed that their chips are affected as well and AMD as well.
However, AMD has a software fix claiming to have no performance impact due to different architecture.

Performance ≠ Security 🔥

This is what the Intel architecture security bugs mean at scale. AWS clients already see up to 50% decrease in performance and basically all cloud providers use Intel architecture. Are you prepared to nearly double your spendings for servers in your company?

Have a great end of the year, y’all!

Right before the end of the year, not only Microsoft has finished their work on Service Workers for the Edge browser, but Safari has it built into their latest Tech Preview (46) as well, alongside with other amazing changes:

This amazing piece by @addyosmani is revealing so much about the web’s secret sauces — why JavaScript is so different to HTML, CSS and Images and you can’t directly compare a filesize but need to consider the impact of each request you make:

WDRL is a letter for web developers. If you don't know what that is, have a look:
Unlike other such weekly letters, it has a human touch to it.
I wrote the author and invited him to join Fediverse, only to find out Anselm is already on Mastodon.
How cool is that!

@helloanselm hello!
Do you think @jaffathecake made his bet and vanished because he had a gut feeling @Gargron would win? 🤔
(~10 months left)