A new set of arrow functions are coming to 🙌

I've written a short guide on the ⇶, ↝, and ⟳ functions here: medium.com/@Heydon/choosing-th

This is a lovely article on important, profitable and difficult work. Three different business approaches: seths.blog/2018/09/profitable-

‘Feedbin: Private by Default’

“Since Feedbin is 100% funded by paying customers, I can focus solely on making the best product possible without compromises. Therefore, Feedbin can be private by default.”


Also on our forum: forum.ind.ie/t/feedbin-private

Und wie fühlt man sich so, wenn man nach dieser Begrüßung auf einer Konferenz spricht? video.uni-erlangen.de/clip/id/

The web can be an awful place. Just think about how much energy and CO2 is wasted for preventing or running DoS or DDoS attacks.

Any preferred methods of how to deal and stop "comment spam" in web applications?

Preferrably nice solutions that don’t affect UX for normal users much.

What’s a better birthday present than your online service being attacked by spammers and taking the service you build offline. 🙃

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ve taken @colloq offline until we’ve built and deployed countermeasures.

WDRL 240: The JavaScript Timer Race, The Ky Fetch Library, CORS Cost for SPAs, Chrome 69 and Firefox 62.

Oh wow, what a big fuckup. Such issues should never go through QA in a public ("stable") browser release. This is Google disrupting the Internet, again: bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/i

I’m very happy that this will be launched on my birthday. So exciting to see this independent technology being successfully used now to minimize the impact of plastic on the sea. theoceancleanup.com/system001/

Android vulnerability leaks device data and allows user tracking:


This information can include Wi-Fi network names, BSSID, local IP addresses, DNS server data and MAC addresses. "Won't fix" for Android < 9.

#android #vulnerability #tracking #privacy

There’s a very well written quiz on the New York Times. It’s called: “The Big Five tech companies increasingly dominate our lives. Could you ditch them?”—and here’s my public response and some thoughts on it.

— thanks @rodneyrehm for reminding me. Not much changed since I wrote this.

I’d love to hear your takes on this.

‪⚡️ @heydon just released his book “Inclusive Components”. Required reading if you want to build accessible websites – and who doesn’t? 😉 So go get the book: book.inclusive-components.desi

Dear users — what’s the best iOS client at the moment that is most similar to Tweetbot?

So after my two week vacation I realize that about 50 more people migrated to Mastodon. Wow, this seems to be shaping up finally?

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