WDRL 272:
Unactionable Advice, Bye iframes Hello ShadowDOM, And Teams Not Made Of Stars.

Of course an auction where bids and bidders are kept private “is a fair and objective method to determine which search providers are included in the choice screen.” [from Google’s FAQ]

How to make even more money by giving users a choice, as required by law…

You know what? Read that and think whether you really want to buy or use any Google service or device at least once again: medium.com/@GoogleWalkout/onwa twitter.com/codepo8/status/115

I think it is time to switch away from Zeit Now. They kinda want me to force into v2 (serverless), which I don't need/want. Can anyone recommend Node.js hosting? Has to be GDPR compliant. Big bonus if they use green electricity only.

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Der Bahn-Fernverkehr in Deutschland darf nicht subventioniert werden. Würde diese Regel auch im Luftverkehr gelten, müssten in Deutschland 17 von 23 internationalen Flughäfen geschlossen werden, weil sie nicht rentabel sind. michael-cramer.eu/aktuelles/de

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Ein guter Einblick in Klimapolitik in Bezug auf Verkehr in Deutschland und Europa:

TL;DR: Die Schiene wird als klimafreundlichste Variante konsequent benachteiligt, übergangen oder zusätzlich besteuert.

Shaping up, Doing well while doing good, Single toggle buttons and the Illusion of control

In where I write about ways to gain peace, trust, and energy and list links about Reshaping, Struggles with Agile, Checklists and The Most Effective Dose of Work: wdrl.info/archive/268

WDRL 266: Hope in a dark forest, Reduced Motion, Truncating Text with CSS, a Docker dev setup, and Being Tired.

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Dirty Profits: Laut einer Studie @FacingFinance@twitter.com unterstützen die zehn größten europäischen Banken Rüstungsfirmen mit mehr als 24 Milliarden Euro.

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All good things are finite but we should store them in our minds.

A “thank you” to reasons.to

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