Is it fair and correct to use Open Source projects from Palantir, Facebook, Google?

@helloanselm Interesting article on an interesting topic. Not sure if you really support unethical companies by just using their open source software though. Unlike e.g. buying a cleaning robot from a company that also sells military drones, you don't give them any money directly.

Overall, I think when you consider contributing back to one of these projects the ethical question becomes even more difficult.

@helloanselm But is it fair and correct to fork such projects, turning them into community assets that compete with the corporate-run original?

What about accepting patches from the official project?

@helloanselm That made me stop and think for a moment. Have thought about it earlier, and wondered (might sound stpuid),

1) what if people forked the original say React to React-Community and users used it instead
2) call out companies on their ethics in issues or irc (possibility of becoming spam)
3) try to write an alternative from scratch, with just the core idea of the original project

@vms20591 @helloanselm regarding point 3, you can look at vuejs for example. It is also a UI framework built with a shadow DOM implementation and component based thinking, has more github stars than react (if this means anything), and does some things better than react (imo).

Still, react seems to be the most used UI web framework because it became some kind of standard regarding frontend work.
It is hard to find any job offer not mentioning it!

@vms20591 @helloanselm
As addition:
Github is showing the "used by" count clocking in over 2 million for react vs. over 860k for vue

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