When we say we are a mutual aid event, what we mean is that 100% of the money we get via the donate link will be shared out with artists.
All of our events are streamed online and free to tune in to, but we're asking people whoa re in work (or who have institutional support to attend conferences and festivals) to please donate to help support our artists.

Covid has hit live music hard and this is an event by and for artists to support our community and showcase the community-building potential and accessibility of music shared via the internet.

Please tune in and please give if you can! Get an early bird ticket now!



Me: I'd like to rubber band select midi notes in please

Ardour docs: When in Object Mode click on an empty space (manual.ardour.org/editing-and- )

Me: *looks for object mode*

try running gpick. I hope your colour pallet is black black and also black.

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Does anyone know of an open source alternative to Mozilla's X-Ray Goggles? foundation.mozilla.org/en/arti

I'm teaching some programming and could just use the inspector but a friendlier interface would be better.

There was a desktop open source application for making svg animations (not Synfig, Natron or Enve). Can anyone remember it?

I want to do a few @librelounge episodes on gender and Free Software.

I'd love to talk to female identifying and or trans folks, especially if you're working on something cool. Please talk to me!

I just donated to Afrorack, which helps young Black kids in Chicago learn modular synthesisers gf.me/u/x6uihn

In 10 minutes Constant will be delivering a presentation as part of the Copy Paste exhibition twitch.tv/pikselfest

Black lives have been struggling and fighting since we are conceived and not a single one of yall have say a goddamn thing until we die and THAT is fucked up. That is what we talk about when we say antiblackness.

Because yall don't see us until our deaths are a public spectacle on fucking YouTube.

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