The more I think about it the more I miss Libre Graphics magazine

I miss discussions about open source + art + tools that don't just So much discussion I see these days focus on what features software have or how similar they are to Adobe but, y'know, free.

Libre Graphics Magazine felt more like discussions around open source culture, how we (users, developers, artists) can do things differently, and celebrating what people are already doing.

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@ossington thanks?

I'm glad it existed and had more critical discussions about open source / free software / free culture.

@hellocatfood I shouldn't have put the question mark. We miss you too! And more seriously, at least for myself, I miss it too, for exactly those reasons.

@xuv maybe it'd have to be under a different name but is there anything stopping a magazine about open source art coming back?

@hellocatfood @xuv sticking my nose into the conversation: probably time and effort are the only things keeping something like that from happening again. They were the factors that stopped it, at least.

@ossington @xuv yeah, agree! If only there was infinite time to do all of the projects

@hellocatfood Amen! It would be a lot of work to do something as stylish and polished but we could try to find some way to get some of these conversations going. I would be excited to contribute to something in most any form: blog, podcast, newsletter, etc.

@KnowPresent That would be cool! Right now for me though time is not something I have much of :-(

@hellocatfood You just inspired an idea for starting an ongoing public conversation about FLOSS + art + tools. We can have a kind of ongoing conversation, like a perpetual interview where the participants constantly pass the torch to the next and the interviewer becomes the interviewee. You want to try it?

@KnowPresent I like the idea! Do you ever read The Creative Independent? Feels slightly like that.

One worry I have (even at this ideas stage) is having every interviewee becoming the interviewer. They might not have good experience of interviewing, be good at it, go off track a lot etc and then there's considerations about them having time to conduct the interview.

@hellocatfood Ok great! I spoke to @manetta today and we were thinking of trying to start something next week. We will boot up a little experiment and you can tell us what you think.

@KnowPresent @hellocatfood I looked back on some old blog posts lately, and the great discussions that used to happen on the comments. Really miss that culture!

@hellocatfood I'd love more discussions of that kind at ... We are heavy on the technical stuff and answering questions, but light on the "art" part.

Partly because technical things have defined answers, and art does not. Coming up with quality content is hard.

@paperdigits I wouldn't know where to begin trying to start up a conversation about "art".

In other forums I've tried but the response can be boiled down to the usual criticisms of conceptual art: "my two year-old could do that", "it doesn't like the thing it's trying to be" etc

Not sure how to make "fine art" conversations overlap with "open source" art

@hellocatfood from what I've seen, the narrower the topic, the better. A particular piece of art or several around a particular subject or idea.

Critics of the "my 2 years old can do that" manner should only met with "well why aren't they?"

@paperdigits on a technical note is there a specific place on pixls that would be appropriate for this?

From the description on the forum it seems Pixls is mostly for showcasing photography?

@paperdigits I also want to post about the Development Updates I've been writing which talk about the practical aspects of creating and exhibiting (digital) art in galleries

@hellocatfood you are correct that it is mostly photography, however, I am open to any kind of art.

Most posts about art go in the Lounge topic.

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