If open source software had good documentation...


Ossia Score seems like a brilliant piece of software ossia.io/

However I have literally no idea how to make it do the things I'm trying to do. Like, how do I send midi from the software to something like zynaddsubfx?

Can't find a tutorial or working examples on their site.

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Also, in attempting to get ossia working with zynaddsubfx via osc I tried to compile another software and had yet more problems github.com/fundamental/oscprom

I could probably figure out what it needs to compile but what I'd prefer is that it was in the README from the start.

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@hellocatfood I vaguely know Ossia from its previous life as Virage, and back then it was mostly focused on using OSC. Also, back then, the idea was that you would first have to expose values that could be read/written from your software (we were using Max+Jamoma at the time) through a protocol called Minuit (I think it's related to ossia.io/libossia/). I don't know how it has evolved since, though. Surely you can always build a bridge using PD.

@yhancik maybe you should try the software in its current state. It has objects and options that suggest midi support so bringing in other software in may way (assuming that I know how to write a bridge in Pd) but it doesn't solve the problem found in Ossia

@hellocatfood well midi would make sense, yes, and considered forum.ossia.io/search?q=midi it seems to be supported indeed. That's pretty much where my knowledge ends, though ;)


You're using a LOT of osc programs!!

I had no idea IanniX even supported MIDI. If I start jack with QJackCtrl, I can see it opens a MIDI port, but I don't actually know how to dump all messages coming from that port.

Do you specifically need MIDI instead of OSC for some reason?

@celesteh a lot of programs I use support osc but not all and instead support midi. That's the only reason why.

I'm also more familiar with midi but have been learning how to use osc in programs recently

@hellocatfood This sounds like me ten years ago, except all of the nouns have changed. I know none of these programs, but the sentiment holds even for closed-source music programs. They're universally impenetrable.
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