There was a desktop open source application for making svg animations (not Synfig, Natron or Enve). Can anyone remember it?

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@hellocatfood Pencil 2d? OpenToonz?

Like, do you mean SVG animations, or vector animations? There's a subtle difference between the two...

@praxeology Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.

Tried it earlier today and it's a shame there's no documentation. Could be really useful!

@hellocatfood It's mostly "artisinal", a one-dev-show at this point but I spoke to him at LGM last year and he was quite friendly and excited to have users.

@hellocatfood Cool. I need to find some time to try it a bit myself one of these days.

(Also I should admit that I spelled "artisanal" wrong. For some reason I make some boneheaded typo in almost every post these days.)

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