question for all the people who own a zoom h4n pro: do you know if it's possible to record directly on the device (using the big red button) whilst it's in interface mode?

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not really answering the question 

@hellocatfood my zoom h4n (non-pro, pretty old, firmware version 1.50) can't do that - just tried it... I don't know if the pro version can though...

not really answering the question 

@mathr I'm on the latest software for the pro (1.10) and not sure I can do it

@hellocatfood I'm just testing with my h4n pro, by "interface mode, do you mean when in the "menu"?
If it's this, then it looks like it works. i mostly run mine in "Stamina" mode on batteries tho. Clicking REC 2 times from the MENU arms it and start a recording

@junkopia no, I mean when using it as a usb interface with a computer

@hellocatfood i have the zoom h5 and i do not believe you can do this

@hellocatfood If the question is can I use the H4N as a mic input on my computer, the answer is yes. If the question is something else, I didn’t understand the question :-/

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