Creating art or music on Linux:

5% inspiration
∞% perspiration
90% installing software hoping it fixes your graphics card
800% neckbeards telling you it's your setup that is the problem
50% compiling
99% dependency hell
400% The documentation is poor
1% success

@celesteh hmmm I see. Thanks anyway!

I don't mind artefacts, in fact I look for them! I'll continue the search

@celesteh I've got an Ardour question for something weird that I wanna do.

Is it possible to change the pitch of a wav/audio file based on midi notes?

For example, I want to be able to import a random .mid file and then have that change the pitch of a song.

Not sure if I'm using right terminology here...

If you're an active artist on mastodon and would be interested in being interviewed by me to talk about why you like mastodon for art, and would consent to the interview being published on the blog, please respond to this and let me know!

I'll only pick a few people and mostly at random but preferably artists who use mastodon to share their art or talk to other artists would be preferred.

@celesteh I think another problem I'm having is that now I'm so use to Tidal that I expect to be able to manipulate a DAW in the same way

@hellocatfood @celesteh Hey! Thanks :) Do you know there's an official Ardour YouTube channel where I also publish videos?

@celesteh ah I see now! I guess I'm coming from a place of never having used a DAW so I'm completely new to it all.

Right now I've enjoyed watching @unfa's videos. His live streams, although long, show a lot about process.

@celesteh Thanks, very useful! If there's any particular tutorials (videos or texts) that you've come across please send them over. I've had to wade through a lot of crap tutorials so far!

@celesteh Do you have any example projects I can have a look at?

I've seen lots of tutorials but they're mostly for making dancing music. I'm more into making - and I'm using a technical term here - soundscapy music. Any hints?

srsly considering moving away from Twitter. With the latest update all I see are what others liked, so many ads and basically stuff I didn't subscribe to.

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