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Here's a book of early Macintosh b&w art.
The art in this book is kind of a trip. archive.org/details/mac_Zen_th

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Obama made me drink a gallon of milk in under 30 seconds.

Distressingly I'm no better at making music from like 5-6 years ago than now having not done any practical or prolonged study. instead I'm doing random stuff with my korg and recording it, whether it's good or not

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As someone who deals with depression, this, from northernwinedregs.tumblr.com, is both accurate and relatable.

Oh no our bathroom music is now Disney musicals

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you, arrogant, misguided: I will do things now

me, wise, brave: *spins around in a spinny chair for 14 hours then sleeps*





I did a moped ride in 30 degree weather. Hit a patch of ice on the ride home but didn't wreck, which was pretty lucky

i made the best instagram video and the phone died right as I was about to post it. ripppp

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king county metro drivers who announce the stops themselves instead of letting the machine do it give me life and I don’t know why

this three day weekend lasted too long, I wanna go back to work. I know that sounds weird, but it's the truth!

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Back on my bullshit (turns out keeping these boxes all these years helped keep all the bits together) mastodon.social/media/MeeNewcI

Halo 5's Warzone req system: I don't want to equip expensive rare/good weapons because I'll die before I can use them. When I do I die before I can use them. It really sucks.

I unfollowed a bunch of HyperWoke people I've followed for years on twitter out of misplaced personal guilt and it's never really been anything but a vector for bad feelings