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Moped meetup tonite. anxious about going I guess. Last time I went was pretty great. The weather is good too.

Im also about to order $150 worth of parts

Whatever happened to predictably

Ich Bin Ein Catze

Valve employees (or Valvies) are showing up at a coworking space I work at next week. Tempted to be a total goober to them about everything.

The dude I work with already has a pretty solid relationship with valve anyway so I dont think we need anything from em.

I'm curious what their hardware roadmap is like, and if they want to subsidize VR game development since there's probably more devs than consumers right now

Dave Couiler's tekwar

Wanna go on a break and walk around to calm down the ol anxiety but the only reason I'd go out is to buy more coffee which is fueling this anxiety like so much gasoline. awoogah.

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hey everybody!! my favourite website for making games, Glorious Trainwrecks, is turning 10 today! wow!! glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/1

shout-outs to @SpindleyQ for 10 years of hosting GT!!! as well as everybody who has ever submitted games to it! like me!

PS. I will be trying very hard to finish a one-day game tonight...

@nick_bundy German. I know some of it but not enough to test out of the basics so I'm redoing those.

not keeping up on Duolingo. rip

@bruno I miss the Bondi blue era of macs when they came in bright colors

@pnathan *writes 'baby boomers' in 50pt jokerman font*

@bentosmile It's about Older Millennials so who knows. It might be?

There's obviously going to be comments from Gen Xers about how they're so ignored when in reality That's What You Want

Oh no, a think piece on millenials. I think I'll skip it. yeeesh.

I'm gonna end up paying $90 for parking so I can ride my moped into work. that's for bikes. cars it's $400 a month.

it's 930. I got up late and made myself breakfast instead of rushing out the door. this is more important to starting the day than arriving on time

@pnathan huh! let me know if you get your instance up