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Small Brain: Lockdown
Normal Brain: Synthetic Life
Big Brain: NRG
Galaxy Brain: Houseboat

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so, i lapped my cylinder head, and that's taken care of the air leaks, but it still runs like shit, so what the fuck.

yet another thing that has worked for almost a year without fail has stopped working for no reason

I had a moped dream where I was escaping from some folks on my less reliable bike, it was weirdly like the great escape, except I had to push my bike up a hill at one point.

local trader joes had an ace flag up for pride month alongside all the other flags which made me feel prettttty good

ran into a buncha bikers/vespa mods. too bad my bike still runs like crap, was unable to keep up

I've cleaned my desk, again. now I no longer have an inch wide space just for my mouse and keyboard, multiple empty mugs and plates, and a huge pile of papers that may or may not be important, I'm to anxious to check em.

is searching thru like 5 .cs files and adding one line of code to fix like a months long bug

tonight I could have thrown a new gasket onto my bike but instead I looked at the internet all night, what a mistake, i'll be sure to repeat it all weekend.

colored the image on my phone

Baw gad, that's Matt Kessler's music

Someone please hire Johnny V

๐Ÿ”’ ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘ถ

roofers on roof and said "holey moley"

based on that banter I wonder how much time waypoint has :x