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tired: "This song is a bop"
Wired: "This song is a 🅱️op"

there was another one where we camped on the campus of a college and it was great because the college had an arcade and a ton of junk food which was fucking rad

Here's a hella good memory:

When i was in the boyscouts there was this campout called "Trappers Rendezvous" and basically it was everybody bring shit to trade with other scout troops.

One year I brought a bunch of stuff to trade and got an OG Gameboy and a bunch of games. It rained like fuck so I played FF Adventure in my tent the entire time. It was fucking rad. i still got that shit somewhere.

popcap was really like a family, moreso than any other studio I worked for. everybody was a weirdo, so you felt like you could be a weirdo too. Years later if there's a get together and I show up people greet me warmly. I've never had that any other place I've worked.

that was a really good gig, i left it because I got an offer to be a designer at Turn 10. They then laid me off 6 months after hiring me, over the phone. bad move on my part, I guess

items include:
popcap staff hoodie
popcap snapback hat
bejeweled themed scarf
bejeweled themed hat
PvZ Pins
PvZ bottle opener
Popcap themed coffee mug
popcap random strap
one plush chuzzle
one plush mini mushroom
one plush Sunflower

found the bag of stuff I got from my time at Popcap back in 2015. I missed this sunflower mastodon.social/media/74bbJgeB

at the meetup and the big table is all taken so I'm sitting at a little table by myself unable to talk to anyone boooo

Gridz is the name of the long lost Mac shareware game from my childhood t.co/4B5YDT6fHu

Me at absolutely every piece of music: "this is a bop"

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@weird_hell I totally think I saw you tonight round SLU? you were running along Fairview and I blasted by on my bike. If not, uh, sorry. but I think that was you?

back from tonight's ride, cut short yet again by our fearless leader breaking down.

I think I saw an Mastodon user I met a a meetup, but didnt stop to say hi.

had red frizzy hair and was into linguistics. if this is u, hi

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