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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

so once I finish npc behavior I can work on player attacks/healing, and the supporting features for that. Then I think I can move to different enemies and enemy types?

One problem i need to fix: items spawned in during level creation are re-spawned if you return to that level, so i need to build in level persistance somehow. frickkk

i emailed him

lets make some mistakes

I may be reading this wrong but...dude wants to give away his Peugeot so it doesn't get crushed?? hmmm seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto

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if you're ace, you're rad and your existence is totally legit

People looking at gifs of game "Haha this looks really cute"

Me thinking about how there's no art pass yet and this game is actually Secret of NIHM levels of dark "hehe thanks"

it sort of works but I broke NPC spawning, that's what I get I guess. Lots of tech debt

alright I think the code's done? I just need to start debugging it. fuck

(つo _o)つ cuz this is thrillahhhh (つo _o)つ
(つo _o)つ

Im rewriting the core functionality of my game and it really sucks :X

raining pretty good. I love this weather

I told myself to get up early to get to the game dev meetup, and I ended up waking at about 1pm, oops

This dude in the discord is arguing for F2P mechanics saying "it takes more than a crack dealer to make a crack addict" at the end of their argument


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Beck's new album Colors is really good. I love the hell out of it.