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hellojed @hellojed

Turns out the other travel mug I have is also 12oz, so the one it replaces is the same size, but much higher quality

Polygon is a graffiti artist in Seattle I've been following for a while. he's posted these for years but this is his most recent stuff, which seems to be always scratched out by some dick. mastodon.social/media/kGJZ7sns

@cphuntington97 Might have been like a canadian/austrialian thing where the cultures still developed, but AUS and CAN still have actual social programs worth a heck

At last I have a Zojirushi travel mug. it was more than I wanted to spend, and smaller capacity than what I'd like, but yanno I wanted one since forever, so. uh. I bought it.

Kinda hoping Destiny 2 takes off on the PC and I find a good crew to do raids with, I miss that online multiplayer stuff. The last time I did something like that with any regularity was Left 4 Dead 2

today I gotta get laundry done

go for a run

buy food

hunt down a specific coffee travel mug

uhh and other stuff

Just think if the american revolution never happened we'd probably have NHS here in the states and everything would be like marginally less shitty, maybe

like it was one of those fun dreams where crazy shit happens and you're in this alternative reality where the details are all so vivid.

had some insane dreams I'm trying to remember

like going to a dead mall and trying to order at Carl's Jr, which had like 5 restaurants within it

or going to a game store that was at this mall and looking over a bunch of PS1 games that never existed thinking I'll never have time to play these

or riding a bunch of mopeds thru this same mall

or going back to the same basement bar in the Carl's Jr to order 2 beers but the bartender was different the last time so I couldn't

Years and years ago I drew some family guy doodle and it's Lois saying "Petah I'm leaving you" while Peter Griffin looks on, sadly.

its 11:20 pm and I keep refreshing webpages, constantly thinking that I'm wasting my life but I dont know how to stop wasting my life

I keep thinking of going "fuckit" and renting a desk at an indie game coworking space

Ran into other moped dude at Garage Sale, Seattle's moped group is small so we chatted for a bit. then I bought these mastodon.social/media/L3hoQKHn

Local folks having a garage sale. I have no cash. I could do a madcap dash to an ATM to get some junk but I probably won't

shit broke in my game, for no reason, and I had fixed it before, and I don't know why it's broken again, it's stupid and I hate it. ughhhhh

Annoyed that thing that was working fine in my game no longer works for no reason

back on my bullshit at the coffee shop