Cold tonight, moped group was 6 but thinned to 4 before cutting the ride short and ending at The Cozy Nut, the coziest bar in Seattle.

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I've added a statement to regarding github staff disabling the repository.

it's that weird period after Thanksgiving but before Christmas when nobody really wants to do anything. I don't wanna do anything either tho so lol

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Celebrating the 25th(!) anniversary of Doom's release, the 2018 Cacowards are up:
Lots of incredible work this year, and I'm honored to see my nonviolent mod Mr. Friendly pick up the Machaward! Thanks everyone who played it, spread the word, and gave feedback.

Youtube has me logged out, so it serves up videos based off my cookies (probably), so it's all garbage

After 3 over months of moving, I finally hooked up and booted my desktop computer. THATS how lazy I am

I bought a shirt last night that says "Georgetown, Seattle WA" and has a picture of brass knuckles on it for $5.

if you're a bartender and ride a moped you're pretty much the toughest motherfucker alive

Todd, who broke 16 bones in his accident, was out and walking around at the thing tonight. he's also quitting smoking because he spent so long without a smoke he figured he's just go the rest of the way.

Watching GBi video, it's an E3 video from 2014 and the Capy people are talking about "Below", which they would spend another 4 years on

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Riding out to Georgetown on the Tomos was a good idea, there were 3 other moped people there so we had a mini ride back thru Sodo and downtown. also I feel better after a ride, even when it's cold

Serpinsky triangle scarf. this was like $160 bucks so :(

apparently this thing is basically a several building sized art open house. all the buildings on this street are art lofts and they all have people exhibiting stuff. it's a little overwhelming

pretty much every social event or party or anything I go to that I end up enjoying I actually have a lot of anxiety about beforehand.

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