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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

my batt has 24% left and there's no outlets in reach. uh oh

rear axel of my bike is hella loose, that's not good, nope.

Going to starbucks is lame but my mom keeps mailing me gift cards and I'm not cool enough to turn down free coffee from mom, no way

bike runs better now that I adjusted idle jet, but the return trip is uphill

If I have a bowling team I'm naming it Bowling Fantods

time it takes to go on a moped ride is like 30 minutes of gear gathering and getting the bike outside.

I have onboarding at my job at 9:50 but the outsourcing company has stuff they wanna do at 10 and :X

One more thing to sign


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self care twitter account that just posts "get off of twitter" every 30 seconds

I have a ton of paperwork to sign

only....one more day until my job starts.

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People's general confusion/ revulsion to mastodon gives me hope it'll remain a weird little spot online

I muted a word on twitter, but someone tweeted a parody account around that word, which didn't get muted, so i guess I'll be seeing retweets from that a lot. I guess I should block it now, ughhhhhhhh

I wanna have a scene in one of my games where the 2 main characters slow dance to "Papa Was a Rodeo"

Atilla The Hun: Battle Angel

Alexa, what's my fursona?

"fuck you"