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New for King County this year, I can mail my ballot without a stamp, cool!

in a lot of ways, Tokyo Xtreme Racer was the open world racing game before that was a thing. Probably why I like it so much. For contrast: I also have NFS: Underground 2, which is a EA take on the genre. it has a lot more polish, and you can make a Hummer that bounces

I realize i have like 5 games made by Genki, 2 tokyo xtreme racers, a Tokyo Xtreme Racer drift game, and their Dreamcast port of Daytona USA. I just need import Tuner Challenge for the XB360 and I'll have nearly their entire output of their street racing games

surreal pic from yesterday's ride. the low moon over mountains at sunset.

I walked thru a casino for the first time in maybe like 6-7 years. lots of bright colors and full motion video everywhere

sometimes mom gets bored and climbs a mountain, or Flattop in Anchorage

reading the IGN review it really seems like the reviewer didn't know how to drive, which is a fuckin shame

A friend gave me this game a few months ago, finally hooked up my PS2 today to play it, and folks, it's really good. It has a BBS you can browse where NPCs shit talk each other. You go to parking lots at night to challenge other NPCs to street races. you do "legit" races during the day to get money. It's really deep and has a good racing mechanics. I can't belive IGN gave it 4/10

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My masterpiece. I might add more characters later.

this works on multiple levels because the album has several references to LA, and the last LA moped gang was called the "late birds"

If I ever 1) move to LA and 2) try to start a Moped Club down there, we're going as the "Midnite Vultures" after the Beck album of the same name.

as i add new systems to this game it's harder to balance it. not sure if I should add everything then balance, or balance as I go along.

bug's fixed now I think? the sword is way OP and you can kill with one blow, basically.

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