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hellojed @hellojed

I'm at 98.9f, which is where I was yesterday. I hope it goes down from here

fever has been bouncing between 99 and 101 since Friday. I'm sick of being sick

I really would have liked to do something other than lie in bed sick this weekend

it feels like this fever is never going down no matter how much ibprofin I take

it's my third day with this fever. if it doesn't go down I'll have to visit an urgent care tomorrow. :(

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trying to sign up for netflix

why do they have to have multiple plans


woke up with 101.1 fever, took some dayquil + ibprofin, then went to bed, woke up with 98.9 fever, felt good enough to go out and get supplies in the form of a lot of soda + juice. ughhhhh

spent all day napping. not fun. being sick over memorial day weekend is going to suckkkkk

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Hey! I'm gonna stream Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil! It'll be my first experience with the it, and based on my playthrough of the first game earlier this year, I'm really excited for it!!

I'm hoping to do a really relaxed stream, with a lot of focus on the game so you can just sit back and enjoy. I want to share a good time with all of you cool peeps! Please boost if you're interested c:

The stream is scheduled for May 28 at 1 PM CDT, 7 PM BST. Hope to see you there~!


hehe I sure have the cold


spending sick day lying in bed and listening to dirtbag-left podcasts

this phone was like $500 new and the stupid internal connector doesn't last a fucking yeat

I hooope I'm not getting the cold but it sure feels that way

USB C connector for my phone basically doesn't stay connected anymore. it's so worn that it detaches at the slightest bump

I better not be getting sick.


@eurasierboy possibly. the air filter I got uses metal mesh so maybe it flows too much??? need to experiment

So I think putting the stock air filter on, which is more restrictive, will make the mix a bit more rich and help with the boggy issues. it's still real loud, I have to ride with earplugs on. I dunno if this is the gasket or not.

My bike has a new pipe, intake filter, and I upjetted the carb.

it bogs down really hard in lower rpms, but once it gets up to speed it seems like it has a potential to go 45+ mph. I just need a lot of road to get it up to speed

also I dunno if I fixed the noise issue. but it seems like the previous owner did not have a damn exhaust gasket on the old pipe, what the shit