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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

I guess I could try to finish the Twine game I was building to apply for a narrative design position. I know I'll get rejected no matter what though

I emailed a former colleague about a local job on a game team he worked on. turns out he's no longer on the team and moved back to Texas.

I also got a form rejection from another studio .

I haven't even left my bed and today already sucks

why am I even trying to find a job? I don't even qualify for unemployment. fuck fuck fuck fuck

what the fuck does it take for me to get hired. God damn it. I didn't need this before I went to bed

I got rejected from the job I interviewed at Friday. fuck

Paperclip AI Clicker Game spoilers Show more

Paperclip AI Clicker Game spoilers Show more

Paperclip AI Clicker Game spoilers Show more

playing a clicker game while trying to model the inside of a massive airlpane

Seattle's Cafe Racer is closing forever Wednesday. I've never been there but I feel an incredible sadness that it's going. next week it'll be something depressing, like a Qdoba

Mope meet sort of a bust, I lost the group early on, and didn't really have an inclination to follow them to the end, and really I just feel like garbage riding on my own, and really today was kind of a garbage day all things considered, so I rode home. what a bummer

Spent the entire day inside, mostly in my room. ugh

image uploads keep failing :(

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I'm mostly out of spoons today

Normally I would try to tune the carb to get some torque back into my bike ahead of tonight's moped meetup but to be honest I can't be arsed and also my Tomos is a lot comfier and climbs hills better, so guess what I'll ride.

Cleaning the corner of my room where I stick all my dirty clothes.

A few months ago I finally realized that cleaning is easier if you just schedule to do it on a regular basis instead of cleaning everything when it becomes a total disaster.

Paperclip AI Clicker Game Review

Like all clicker games, it can demand your full attention and even though it'd be easier to let it set and come back to it, it sucks you in as you try to maximize production to meet demand. As other options and systems unlock there is always something else to click on. I was trying to maximize output to gain trust but reached a point where I could start earning trust faster thru acts. It was, uh. I dunno. I hit a wall