In the early days of Mastodon someone would just post "Awoo" and then because the local/fed timeline was so small a bunch of other people would post "Awoo" until pretty much the entire active userbase was awooing at once.

@hellojed Contrast with the early days of texting 40404... when everyone was talking about their breakfast. 😂

@hellojed I think this is where one would need to post a gif of that scene from Zootopia where a howl gets started.

So that's why there are so many furrys on mastodon

@hellojed One of my favorite parts of the song Word Up by Cameo is that a few times throughout the song he just kinda calmly goes "awoo" in the background.
With bonus LeVar Burton

@hellojed the accumulated $350 penalties provided the seed funding for continued Mastodon development

LB: I don't remember when exactly this ended. We were still doing it during the big influx of April 2017.

I vividly remember claiming I could do it because its the sound a train makes, not because I'm a furry and somebody was like "maybe you're a furry..................for trains"

:thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin:

@hellojed yeah I miss that too. Because all the new people would just join in.

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