The new job is at an academic research lab so they don’t have things I’m used to at tech companies like disposable or communal coffee cups or whatever so I’m bringing my own

I bought this coffee cup during GDC 2017, because I was staying in a shitty hotel that didn't have coffee/tea/whatever and I got a very bad cold and so I went to a discount store to buy stuff for making tea in my room and most of the mugs were intended for religious grandmas but this one had the sassy owl (it's metallic gold!) and I figured if I was gonna buy a discount store mug it might as well be one that makes me smile.


@fluffy I most of my mugs are gifts from my mom, I love them all

@fluffy I also remember throwing mugs out for places I was laid off from

@hellojed this is the only mug my mom ever gave me but holy heck am I taking care of it

(She thinks it’s Fozzy because she can’t be bothered to learn the muppets or why I would love this one)

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